New Year, Refreshed Me?

Saturday, 5 January 2019

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HELLO?! It's been a massive while away over here, hasn't it? Let's not talk about just how long but I think I'm back. As the new year has dawned on us quicker than I could possibly diminish all the festive snacks in the cupboard, the first few days of the year have been full of romantic trips to the fridge, a few Netflix binges and not a lot else. As we hit day 5 it's probably about time that I leap out of this trance I'm in and get my shit together. None of this new year, new me goal setting that we all know starts out all fun whilst you're jotting down your goals into a fresh new notebook but only lasts until the end of January when you forget about said notebook and all your goals all together.

This year I'm aiming for a refreshed version of myself. Setting goals never works out well for me, I stress like there's no tomorrow that I'm not completing them whilst I'm procrastinating to my hearts content. It's a vicious cycle of stressing about everything until it's just one major stress ball. 2019 is a year of self care, boujee as hell I know, but it's needed. So here's the steps I'll be taking to a more refreshed me.

Less Screen Time, More Book Time

I'm not gonna lie, I spend more time on my phone than anyone I know. I've been playing it down with the 'but all my work is on my phone' excuse which in reality isn't true. The days of scrolling through social media all day long will hopefully become less frequent as I aim to stop using my phone as my comfort zone. Reading is one of my main passions away from my phone and recently picking up reading again has brought an old love back into my life. Setting up a Good Reads account and adding everyone that I'd ever seen on Twitter or Instagram before to fill my friends list up to validate my new goal. Also, setting a 52 Book Challenge for the year will surely distract me from the constant finger swiping. If you're on Good Reads, add me here so I can stalk what you're reading.

More Personal Work

When I started photography, I did so much work just for myself, creating what I wanted when I could and I seem to have lost that creative spark. The past year of freelancing has been the most career rewarding year ever BUT there is a massive lack of personal rewards. I've found myself only leaving the house for paid work which is great but I'm not doing the things I used to enjoy the most. So here's to shooting more gigs for the hell of it, getting back to shooting the bands I adored in my teenage years for fun. It can't be all work and no play, can it?

Getting Dressed and Being Active Everyday

Another con of freelancing is that if I don't have to leave the house for work, I'm usually just cooped up inside all day, wrapped up in some kind of blanket or duvet for most of the day. It's not ideal and I've found it really deteriorates my mood. I want to make more of an effort to strip myself of my pyjamas everyday and wear some actual clothes, they may still look like pj's and be the comfiest clothes EVER but at least I'm trying. Everyone preaches on about exercise being the best medicine and I can argue that this is not true and chicken nuggets are always the best medicine but 2019 is the year that I start walking places again. Living in the tiniest village, I have to get a bus everywhere nowadays so I find myself walking absolutely nowhere. More walks but maybe when it's not -1 outside, Spring please hurry up.

Save Some Money To Travel

I went into 2018 with a massive plan to travel somewhere new every month and yeah that failed just a little bit. One holiday away was all that I could stretch to and it was bloody wonderful but I'd love to see more of the world in 2019. I'm not thinking lavish holidays, I'm just thinking mini breaks in the UK and Europe, hopefully every month but we'll see where the world takes us. Saving money is the big key to unlock these travels too, I'm good with money but over the past few months I may have made a few too many ASOS orders here and there so less shopping, more saving is the goal here.

I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for the year but these are my main 4 things I'd like to do throughout the year to head towards a more refreshed version of myself. Holidays are the best refresher, right? Unless we're talking about the sweets everyone that ever set foot in a sweet shop would've bought all the time because they're pretty good too.

Maybe we'll see more blogging over here too? I really hope so but we all know I'm about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to sticking to blogging. Hopefully I'm here to stay though. What are your goals that aren't actually goals for 2019?

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