Friday, 5 May 2017

17 Things I've Learnt So Far in 2017

In words spoken by Kylie Jenner, 2016 was the year of realising things and oh boy yes it was but 2017 has opened my eyes to the world and made me think about things a lot more than usual. It's been a weird year already and we're not even halfway through. It's been a rollercoaster, it's had the best and the worst of times all mixed together. I can't put into words what my life is like right now but here's some things I've realised this year so far...

1. Taking a leap of faith towards your dream career is challenging. Taking a massive jump into self employed life has been hard, I can't quite come to terms with the fact that I've actually done it and it doesn't seem real at all. All that said, it's liberating, I feel stronger than I ever could've dreamed and I've never been happier.

2. Don't let the energy of a bad breakup get you down. Focus all that energy into making a better version of yourself and follow your dreams. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Moving out is huge and it really should be thought through a lot more than I did but on the other hand moving home in defeat isn't too bad either. It's not something anyone ever wants to do but family are always there at the end of the day.

4. Just because your path in life is different doesn't mean you're lost. It's good to be different, you own that shit, be a boss. 

5. I am too emotionally attached to chicken nuggets, I realised this after I cried in the middle of the road at 1am after I dropped my nuggets. 

6. Falling in love with my work and my photography is hands down the best thing I've ever done. It sets my soul on fire and I'm pretty sure my camera's never gonna turn round and tell me it doesn't love me. As long as I've got a camera in hand I don't think you'll ever catch me without a smile on my face.

7. I don't have my shit together, my online persona puts across a front that I'm bossing life when in reality I'm not but that's okay. It's overrated to have your shit together anyway.

8. Support your friends in every way you can, especially your creative friends. Self employed life ain't easy kids! Go to a show, buy some art, pay for your photos. Remember your favourite bands/photographers/artists were all locals to somebody, support local creatives. 

9. There is a massive issue with gender in all industries but especially the music industry. I am forever being offered specific work or tours with bands to then later be rejected because of my gender. Sexism is real folks. 

10. It's nobody else's business how you spend your hard earned money. Buying something expensive doesn't mean you're not relatable anymore, you just like nice things. If you can afford them then what's the problem? Buy that designer handbag, book that trip to the Maldives, spend £4k+ on a camera, you do you babes.

11. I realised I have to do my own tax return this year and I already want to die. Send help and chocolate and copious amounts of wine.

12. I am the queen of overworking myself until I'm too ill to work. I need to learn to take a break before my eyes go square from staring at a screen all day.

13.  When people ask you what you do, "I shoot people for a living" is never a good answer. It's funny though.

14. If you don't ask, you don't get. Contact people, make friends, network, get your brand out there!

15. Pizza and cocktails are always a good idea.

16. Travelling the world is really cool, even if it's just to a new town in your own country. I can't wait for more adventures in the rest of 2017, especially exploring so many new cities in the UK whilst touring with bands.

17. My job is no where near as easy as people think it is. I am forever explaining to people that it's not all travelling around and happy snapping. There's lots of late nights, early mornings, bad lighting, stressful shoots with impatient people, chasing invoices and a hell of a lot of junk food. There's only so much junk food you can eat before you start craving vegetables. 

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