Wednesday, 19 April 2017

My Camera Set Up For Blog Photos

I'm a photographer, I think that's pretty common knowledge to everyone now. I work in the music industry predominately but also shoot events/sports/literally anything else you could ever think of when the time calls! In blogging, photography is everything. The better the photos, the more attracted people are to your blog. Aesthetically pleasing photos are the rage so I thought I'd share my current camera set up for my blog photos and what my next few purchases will be to broaden my collection.

I shoot on a Canon 6D, buying this camera has changed my life completely but I have to say that the lenses are more important than the body by far. I would much rather invest in a good set of lenses before a good body. The 6D is a full frame camera which just means the point of view isn't cropped like it is in every other body except the 5D and 1D series. Basically if you have a cropped sensor, then your lenses will be more zoomed in than they will on a full frame. It doesn't really make a difference as such, it's only something I've noticed since taking my photography professionally. I shot perfectly fine on a 600D and I would recommend the 700D to anyone that's looking to buy their first DSLR on a smaller budget! 

I own a variety of lenses, all made by Canon. I'm not a Canon lover as such, if you use Nikon, that's great, if you use Sony, that's great too! I'm not overly loyal to a company but why fix something that ain't broke? As I shoot lots of different events I have to own a range but for blogging I use only use one lens at the moment. The Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM is my ultimate holy grail lens. The lower the aperture the greater the depth of field, which is what creates that dream blurred background that everyone wishes for. I must admit it does make photos 10 times prettier.

I often get asked if I use an additional lighting for my photos, which I don't, but I want to break the stigma of using studio lighting. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. If you know how to use studio lighting, it's great, you can achieve that daytime look so easily and nobody will ever know you took those photos at 2am because you couldn't sleep and your brain wouldn't stop thinking about photos. I get that people like to shoot using natural lighting because it's the thing people rave about the most in the blogging world to achieve the best photos but studio lights could change your life. Also, never use your on camera flash to take your blog photos. Please, never do. 

My list of things to add to my camera kit is never ending but there's a few things I want to add specifically related to blogging. As I used to own a cropped sensor camera, my 50mm was a lot more cropped and I got used to shooting in that frame with it. Now that I own a full frame, I still love the 50mm but I want to invest in an 85mm for portraits and fashion photography. I've got my eye on the Sigma Art 85mm f/1.4 as it's being reviewed as the best of the best at the moment, they're consistently sharp and I fall in love with every photo I see taken with one. Sigma are pulling it out of the bag with their Art lenses and the f/1.4 aperture is tempting me for the perfect depth of field. 

The other thing on my list to buy is a more compact camera. I love my DSLR and I wouldn't ever dream of replacing it but with the idea of vlogging popping up in my mind every now and then I'm desperate to invest in a smaller camera. An alternative to the blogger favourite Olympus Pen is the Lumix GX800 4K CSC Camera. It features a flip up screen which is perfect for vlogging and for getting those perfect Instagram selfies. I can't take a good selfie on my phone, let alone a proper camera so I have no hope, but its an Instagram bloggers dream. The best thing about it is that it's got wifi, which is perfect for quickly sharing photos over to your phone so you can upload to your social media on the go! 

I can't wait to expand my camera collection further! I'm thinking of doing more photography and camera related posts on my blog, possibly starting with a full explanation of how to confidently shoot fully manual, let me know what you think!

This post is sponsored by Panasonic but all views are my own.

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