Zoeva Rose Golden Dupes For Under £5?

Saturday, 10 September 2016

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If there's a makeup brush brand that I see raved about every single week it has to be Zoeva. Although I only own a few of their brushes, they definitely are my favourites of all time. I used to be the kinda girl that wouldn't really see makeup brushes as a necessity and I would rather buy more makeup instead of brushes. Things couldn't be more different now as I own way too many brushes but at under £10 for both sets who could say no to these beauties?

I'm all about being savvy when it comes to purchasing new brushes, I may love buying a new set but I'm  always so worried that they won't be worth the money. I spotted these two sets for under £10 on eBay and I could hardly resist at that price! They're so similar to the Zoeva Rose Golden sets with the pastel pink handles and rose gold detailing but I never thought they'd be close in quality for that price. When they arrived I was so pleasantly surprised with how similar the brushes actually are as the pictures online really do not do them justice.

Face Set | The first set contains 3 face brushes and 5 eye brushes, exactly like the Zoeva set but for around £60 less at £4.84! The buffer brush is my new go to when I'm not using my beauty blender, it blends foundation into the skin flawlessly without being patchy or leaving streaks. The other two face brushes can be used for powder/contour/blush. The eye brushes are the average brushes you'd expect in a set with a brush for every different aspect of an eye look. The two white fibre brushes have come in handy as blending brushes and the large flat tipped microfibre brush is perfect for applying colour to the lid.

Eye Set | The second set consists of 12 eye brushes and although not all of them are any use to me, I will definitely get use out of at least 50% of the set. At £3.28 there are no complaints at all, seeing as the Zoeva offering is over £60 more expensive and a single eyeshadow brush can easily cost over £5 these days so 12 for just over £3 isn't bad going. There are obvious copies of Zoeva brushes in the set like the concealer brush but the quality is up to the standard of Zoeva again. I'm no expert on eyeshadow at all but these brushes have definitely worked wonders in helping create the perfect look. My favourites are the microfibre brushes as they are so soft and fluffy but I also really like the small angled brush for my brows and the larger white fluffy brush. I find all of the other white brushes to be quite useless to be honest, they're all cut quite similar so it looks like they were just included to fill the set. I haven't attempted to use the liner brush yet as I am not an eyeliner person at all but it looks like the perfect little brush to get a precise, even application.

When they first arrived the brushes had a very strong paint smell which worried me a little but after washing the scent has gone away completely and none of the brushes have started to shed either. Although the brushes are shipped from China, both of my sets arrived in less than 2 weeks which isn't bad at all for free P&P!

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

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