Friday, 27 May 2016

101 in 1001

I've been a little absent over here at the moment due to life completely taking over and not having motivation to write at all, you can read my post explaining my absence here. I've wanted to do a 101 in 1001 days challenge for a very long time, and I finally got round to completely my list of things to do. This post is also up a little later than expected, I started the 1001 days on April 29th 2016, so it will finish on January 25th 2019. Wow, that seems like a long time! I cannot wait to try and achieve all of these goals, and document them with monthly posts.

Things To Buy:

1. Buy new makeup storage
2. Buy a Macbook
3. Buy something Charlotte Tilbury
4. Buy a new camera
5. Buy a pair of Louboutins 
6. Buy something Michael Kors 
7. Buy a car
8. Buy a football season ticket
9. Make a Sephora order
10. Buy Acne Pistol Boots

Blogging and Career Goals:

11. Get into university
12. Pass all my A Levels
13. Upload an outfit post
14. Upload a Youtube video
15. Reach 3,000 Bloglovin followers
16. Reach 10,000 Twitter followers
17. Reach 20,000 Instagram followers
18. Update my blog design
19. Complete a coaching course 

Travel Goals:

20. Visit Amsterdam
21. Visit Paris again
22. Visit Barcelona again
23. Visit my brother in Plymouth
24. Visit Germany
25. Visit Australia
26. Visit Jersey
27. Visit Newcastle
28. Visit Rome or Milan
29. Visit the Grand Canyon 
30. Visit Belfast
31. Visit the Blue Lagoon
32. Visit Austria
33. Visit Santorini
34. Visit Disneyland 
35. Visit Jersey/Guernsey  
36. Visit the Eiffel Tower
37. Visit Norway
38. Visit Iceland

Things To Do:

39. Go on the London Eye
40. Visit Wollaton Hall
41. Go to a game at every Premier League ground I haven't been to yet
42. Try a new sport
43. Enter a horse show
44. Get rid of old clothes
45. Watch the sunrise on the beach
46. Meet Don Broco
47. Start and finish Breaking Bad
48. Watch 100 new films
49. Cook 50 new recipes
50. Complete a spending ban for at least a month
51. Donate blood
52. Save at least £20 a month
53. Watch a game at Wembley
54. Go to a zoo
55. Redecorate my bedroom
56. Go to the Harry Potter Studios
57. Go on holiday with friends
58. Do a Colour Run
59. Get my helix pierced
60. Go to Thorpe Park
61. Go to 10 gigs/festivals
62. Run a 10km
63. Attempt skiing
64. Read 50 books
65. Pass my driving test
66. Run a half marathon
67. Have a spa day
68. Go to Reading Festival
69. Get a manicure
70. See the Northern Lights
71. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy
72. Go skydiving
73. Go to 5 different museums
74. Go horse riding on the beach
75. Learn to ski
76. Create a photo wall
77. Visit a Lush spa
78. Organise my makeup collection
79. Have a clear out
80. Eat vegetarian for a week
81. Give up chocolate for a month
82. Rejoin the gym
83. Get photos developed into polaroids
84. Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day
85. Go to London Fashion Week
86. Get my eyebrows waxed
87. Go on holiday with my brother
88. Go to the races
89. Complete a 30 day challenge
90. Read all the books I own but haven't read yet
91. Raise money for charity
92. Go car spotting in London
93. Document 'a day in my life' in photos
94. Make a list of 100 quotes that inspire me
95. Reach my goal body weight
96. Send someone flowers as a surprise
97. Write a new 101 in 1001 list
98. Watch a game at Camp Nou/Santiago Bernabeu
99.  Move out
100.  Go to London Aquarium 
101.  Have a blog sale

I really don't know how many of these I'll be able to achieve, but I hope to complete as many as I can in the 1001 days! 

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