Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How Not To Apply False Eyelashes

In my 18 years of life, false eyelashes is something I've always wanted to get into but never really been too fussed. In my mind, I've always thought they'd take too long, and I salute girls that wear them every single day because they look sassy as hell but seriously where do you get the time? I don't get a lot of sleep so I cherish every second and getting out of bed earlier just to apply false eyelashes does not appeal to me.

Threads sent me some eyelashes to have a play with, and I must say I was excited to try them! I really wanted eyelashes to be a thing that works for me, but I'll admit it, I cannot apply false eyelashes to save my life. No matter how long I spend practising I cannot manage it at all. Here's a run down of how my false lash application went:
  1. Ooo these are all so pretty.
  2.  So what do I start with?!
  3. Ok so I have to trim them, lets measure it up against my eye.
  4. How do you measure your eye? Seriously this is difficult
  5. I think I've got it, ok now to trim them, where are my scissors
  6. They're not the same size but that's ok I must have different shaped eyes, let's roll with it
  7. Now for glue, like how much do you need, can you apply too much?
  8. Is it tacky yet? Tacky like my ex's girlfriend? I did not just say that.
  9. I think it's ready, now time to attempt to apply, what do I use my hands, tweezers?
  10. Tweezers are apparently the best way to apply I'll try that
  11. *stabs self in eye with tweezers many times* 
  12. Maybe tweezers weren't such a good idea, they're pretty sharp
  13. The glue is way too tacky now, it's pretty much all over my eyelid anyway
  14. So all I have achieved is sore eyes, eyelash glue everywhere and no pretty lashes, I give up

This went on for some time. I seriously did try to make it work but I have decided that I am absolutely useless when it comes to eyelashes and I should just stick to the natural look until further notice. As the lashes didn't work for me, I got my friend who is very capable of applying lashes to try them out for me and she loves them. They stayed on all night, with no lashes peeling away or slipping off at all which was fab. If you can apply eyelashes do not be put off by my disaster, it is definitely me and not the lashes. Threads lashes are all so pretty, I love the look of them all especially the Rock Chic Lashes as they're so simple. I am going to keep practising applying lashes and hopefully one day I'll master it so I can be a bad ass bitch with nice eyelashes.

You can find Threads products in Harvey Nichols so pop in and check them out!

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