Friday, 5 February 2016

How To Stay Organised

A while back I wrote a post about balancing life with blogging and work, which you can read here. Whilst that is all still completely relevant, I wanted to write a post about how to stay organised with life on a whole. Blogging isn't my whole life, even though I spend a hell of a lot of time on it, it's not the only thing I do. I work, I go to college, I go to football, I have other plans. I find it hard to be organised, I'm not going to lie I am the worst for it, but I've found a few things have helped me along the way.

Buy a diary or notebook | I have about 100 notebooks that are all so pretty that I can't use them. Recently I picked up this gorgeous Kate Spade Notebook from Amara. I am in love with it and it really encourages me to take notes and be more organised. The quote on the front is 'You can never be overdressed or overeducated' which is one of my favourite quotes from Oliver Wilde. I take this notebook everywhere with me, I plan everything in it. I write my weekly meal plans, my weekly workout schedule, my blogging to do lists, and everything else I need to remember in it. Some people find a diary more helpful, but a notebook works great for me. 

Set out a schedule | Ever since I started planning my meals and workout routines at the start of the week, I've actually started sticking to them. I plan my food shopping around what meals I have planned during the week, and I plan my workout schedules around my college and work hours. I find that because I've planned it and written it all down it helps to me to actually complete it all. If I don't plan my workouts into my days I'm likely to skip them, which is the same as my meals and I'm more likely to buy/eat junk food.

Prioritise the important stuff | It's all too easy to do the things you want to do, rather than doing the things that actually need to be done. I am the absolute queen of this. The amount of time I spend at the gym or working on my blog, when I should be studying is awful. I procrastinate away from my studies so much because I generally don't enjoy college, but I'm learning that this comes back around to bite you on the bum at the end of the day. Prioritise your commitments, if it can be done another day then it should be at the bottom of the list, things that are essential should be at the top. 

Don't get worked up about it | My favourite quote is 'Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end.' I've really started to live by this quote in life. If you can tell me that you've never missed a deadline, a workout, skipped a class, or ever panicked about anything, then you'd be lying. It's normal to panic, it's normal to stress, but don't get yourself in a bubble of panic like it's the end of the world. Every problem has a solution. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help | If you're struggling with something, ask for help, if you're struggling with your workload, speak to someone about it. There is a solution to every problem. The chances are that someone is having exactly the same problems as you and will be willing to help you as much as they can. I find Twitter a brilliant place to vent about my problems as there is always someone who is going through or has been through the same, and they always give the best advice.

Take time out | Taking time out to relax is one of the most important parts of staying organised which seems silly but it really is important. If you're not getting anywhere with what you're supposed to be doing, you'll only stress at it for hours anyway. Take a break, sit back, run a bath, grab a book. Do whatever you find useful to relax, and revisit what you were supposed to be doing with a clear mind. You're more likely to enjoy the task more if you're not stressing, and tackle it quickly and more efficiently. 

I hope this post helps you attempt to stay organised this year! 

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