Monday, 15 February 2016

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Instagram has to be one of my favourite platforms. I don't use it to promote my blog a lot because I just don't find that the traffic I get is worth it, if Instagram decided that clickable links would be a good idea I may change my mind. I have an Instagram theme and have done for many years now, which is actually how I got into blogging. I've changed my theme a lot and it's really hard to find one you're happy with, but I think I've finally found one that I want to stick with.

First of all, I get asked a lot what I take my Instagram photos on. The same as my blog, I take all my photos on my iPhone 6. I find this the easiest so all my photos are right there for editing on my phone for Instagram. I edit my blog photos on my laptop, and I will be doing a post about that soon.

I've been through various editing apps and plenty of filters in my time, trying to find the perfect one. I've probably had most of the filters that you can think of, I've had dark, light, overexposed, and the highest saturation going. Looking back, most of them really were not a good look but I loved them at the time. I now use VSCO CAM to edit and I swear by it, I don't use anything else at all. It has everything you need to edit your photos, and the grid setting makes it even easier to see what the photos will look like in an Instagram style feed.

My current filter is the HB1 filter, which is a blue toned filter that darkens the exposure and reduces the contrast. I find this filter so easy to adapt to all my different photos as I have some with my marble background and some out and about with different backgrounds. If I find that the filter makes the photo too dark or there isn't enough contrast I just play around with the expsosure and contrast settings until it fits in my theme. You can also play around with how much of the HB1 filter you want on the photo, I usually always go for the full 12, but lowering it can help fitting into a feed sometimes.

VSCO CAM has a variety of different filters, and I think different filters look good with different types of photos. My other favourite filters are HB2 and A5. All the filters I use are downloaded for free, but I really want to purchase a few of their other preset filters as the S Series of filters is supposed to be really good for clean and bright photos.

Although I don't use any other apps for my editing, I know that Facetune is brilliant for whitening photos and making them lighter. Squaready is good for putting a white square border around photos, which is a theme I used to have but I think mine looks better without borders, it all depends on the photos. As I have a personal account alongside my blog Instagram, I've found that the new editing features on Instagram really aren't that bad, and are really easy to use to make some simple tweaks. I also use the Instagram Layout app to make any collages that go onto my Instagram, which is so easy and quick to use.

You can find my Instagram account here or @perksofbeingami if you'd like to follow me. I want to start doing some Instagram tips posts so let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in reading them. What's your instagram account and do you have a theme?

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