Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Latest from Glo & Ray

Glo & Ray are still as underrated as ever. I have no idea how more people haven't tried them. When I first started blogging, I hadn't heard of them at all, but they started to pop up a bit and I knew I had to try them. I've never looked back. I don't think I own a product that I dislike. They've released some new products recently which are no disappointment at all, so I thought I'd do a little round up post to show you what's hot right now.

First up is their new 'Touch Eyeshadows', with a selection of 9 different shades, you can pick the perfect duo to put into one of their Eyeshadow Duo Palette. There isn't a massive variety of shades seeing as there are only 9 to choose from, but all 9 are perfect shades for everyone. They're more on the neutral side, rather than bright and colourful which I definitely prefer. I have Ghat* and Galaxy*, which are perfect together, with Galaxy, the lighter champagne gold shade all over the lid, and Ghat, the darker burgundy brown run through the crease, outer v and along the lower lash line.

Eyeliner is something that I really do not wear often. I much prefer a shadow smudged on my lower lash line rather than a liner, and I rarely wear eyeliner on my top lash line anymore so when these dropped through onto my doorstep I was sceptical. I got a selection of their Skybreaker Eyeliners, a lovely Champagne Pink*, Bloody Ruby* a dark matte red, and Garnet*, a shimmery red. As I am not an eyeliner wearer the thought of red eyeliner put me completely out of my comfort zone, and I'm not going to lie I could not rock it at all. After some experimenting I found that Bloody Ruby and Garnet actually made pretty good lip liners as an alternative, applying a lip balm before is essential as they are drying but they definitely make the lipstick stick around. Champagne Pink is absolutely gorgeous along the lower lash line.

Eyebrows are something that I'm seriously into at the moment, and I am thanking myself everyday as they get better as my brows used to be shocking. They're not the best, but this brow pencil is working wonders. I've only ever really used a powder to do my brows which does the job, but after using a pencil for a bit I'll never go back to just powder. I got the Fumo Eyebrow Pencil in Terra Brown* which is a little dark as I am blonde so my brows are quite light, more like non existent actually, but a light hand and this is perfect for adding some extra definition to the shape and filling in my sparse gappy brows. I am useless with brow products and this was so easy to use, and really smooth to apply.

Glo & Ray lipsticks are some of my favourites, I only own a few but I don't dislike any of them. Their La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lipsticks are easy to apply evenly to the lips, they're not drying at all and the wear time is pretty good too. I am in love with the newer red packaging, over their normal matte black, it makes it so easy to spot them in my collection without searching for ages..The variety ranges from nudes, to pinks to reds, so there is something for everyone in the shade range. Crush* is a dark pink toned nude which isn't something I ever really go for, pink just doesn't suit me at all, but this changed my mind slightly. Mysterious* is my favourite out of the three, its a gorgeous deep red shade that I found looks even better over the Bloody Ruby Eyeliner. It's not a matte shade so the wear time isn't the best, but it lasts a lot better over the eyeliner than it does on it's own. Honey* is a coral toned nude that I really do not think suits me, it's a beautiful shade that I think is perfect for the spring and summer months but coral is a shade that I cannot pull off at all.

Ghat, Galaxy, Crush, Mysterious, Honey, Champagne Pink, Garnet, Bloody Ruby, Terra Brown
Have you tried anything from Glo & Ray yet?

*PR sample, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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