Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Rather Large Lush Haul

I haven't posted a Lush haul on my blog in what seems like forever. To say I buy Lush products a lot would be an understatement, I am absolutely in love with them. Every time I go shopping I usually come home with some Lush goodies. I've collected together most of the things that I've bought since the end of December, well the ones I haven't used up yet, to give you a collective haul. I'm on my way to Lush tomorrow too, to pick up their Valentine's Day and Mother's Day ranges.

Holly Golighty Bubble Bar | £4.95 | This is a product I picked up a few days after Christmas, in the Boxing Day sales. It's a bubble bar that was released the year before last and I didn't get to try it that year as I couldn't justify the price of it at the time. If you're a fan of glitter, this is one for you. It's a large bubble bar topped with holly leaves, coated in a massive amount of silver glitter. I haven't tried it yet, but I know the inside is green and it looks gorgeous in the bath. I think due to the size it will last me a few baths.

Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream | £9.75 for 250g | If chocolate oranges are your thing, then this shower cream is for you. I'd never been fussed by Lush's Shower Creams and thought Snow Fairy was the best, how wrong was I. After Lush got my order wrong, they sent me this as a replacement product and I am so glad it happened. It's my favourite shower cream and I've picked up another bottle already so I never run out. 

Intergalactic Bath Bomb | £3.95 | Ever since the Oxford Street Exclusives were distributed into all stores, I've been picking this up everytime I go into store. It's the most amazing bath bomb, alongside The Experimenter. The colours are beautiful and it leaves the bath water a very glittery deep bluey purple shade. 

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb | £3.95 | Another one from the Christmas range, and definitely my favourite. I seem to have a thing for glitter blue bath bombs. It may be gold on the outside which produces all the glitter, but once placed into water the gold melts away to reveal a gorgeous blue inner layer full of stars that float around the bath. The other bonus to this bath bomb is that it is absolutely huge, so for £3.95 it's an absolute bargain.

Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask | £2.95 |  After attending a Lush event last year and getting this as a product to try I can't get enough of it. My skin is seriously suffering at the moment due to all this horrible weather, it's completely dried out. This hand mask has been perfect for restoring them back to the perfect moisture. It's not the easiest product I've ever used, as you essentially have to sit with your hands in a bowl for 20 minutes. It can be a bit messy and time consuming, but stick a youtube video on before you put your hands in the bowl and let your hands soak in luxury. 

Avobath Bath Bomb | £3.50 | As spring is approaching us, I had to pick up my favourite spring and summer bath bomb. Avobath smells like those refresher sweets, like sherbet lemon. I absolutely love the scent and think this bath bomb is perfect for a morning bath to energise, rather than an evening bath. It's so strong that it scents my whole room more than any of my other Lush products, and the pale green colour leaves a lovely tint to the bath water too.

The Comforter Shower Cream |  £9.75 for 250g | Another shower cream?! I was really late to jump on the shower cream bandwagon, but when I did I bought a few. The Comforter was a purchase that I made when I went up to Birmingham, and it's literally my favourite bubble bar in a bottle. I love The Comforter as a bubble bar more than anything, but there are times when I would rather just jump in the shower than run a bath, which is why this is perfect. The scent is exactly the same, and it leaves the skin feeling so smooth. I will be repurchasing a massive bottle of this very soon so I never run out.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar | £2.95 | Again, another product from the Christmas range. I actually wanted to buy the Magic Wand Bubble Bar, but they didn't have any in stock so I picked up this instead. I've had it so many times before, and I do love it. It leaves the bath a gorgeous pink colour, and the sweet candyfloss vanilla scent matches it perfectly. It leaves an ultimate girly bath full of bubbles.

Big Bang Bubble Bar | £3.75 | I couldn't help but repurchase the Big Bang Bubble Bar anything that's blue and smells zesty like refreshers is an instant love for me. This bubble bar is topped with a bath melt, which carries on working it's magic throughout the time that you're in the bath. Big Bang is full of nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, rice syrup and cocoa butter which leaves the water so soft and moisturising on the skin.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel | £3.95 for 100g | My favourite product from the Christmas range without fail. I've been buying Snow Fairy every year ever since I first got into Lush products, I usually buy a massive bottle and have it last me the whole year. This year I decided to only get two small bottles as I'd picked up other shower creams that I think I love even more, but sometimes nothing beats the candyfloss vanilla scents of Snow Fairy.

Kinky Hot Oil Treatment | £6.50 | I'm the kinda girl that does literally nothing with her hair. Like ever. I wash it, I dry it, and if you're lucky I'll straighten it. I really do not do anything fancy with it, and don't really use any fancy products in it very often. I spotted these in Lush and decided to pick one up as my hair is in awful condition due to it being dyed all the time from around the age of 13 to 16. I went every colour you could imagine, I saw this hot oil treatment and knew my hair needed a pick me up. I will report back after using it. 

The Comforter Bubble Bar | £4.95 | I'm pretty sure this is my favourite Lush product ever. It's one that I've been buying since the start and I don't think I will ever stop buying it. I'm not a pink girl at all, but I'm a sucker for the gorgeous berry fruit scent. I get 2 or 3 baths out of this bubble bar, so for £4.95 it's a brilliant buy.

Star Dust Bath Bomb | £2.95 | This is very similar to the Butterbear Bath Bomb which I absolutely adore, and when Butterbear was out of stock I opted for Star Dust. It's got a very similar vanilla scent, but I find Star Dust more of a powdered scent, like icing sugar. It doesn't do anything fancy in the water, it's a very simple bath bomb that leaves the skin very silky smooth. If you're a fan of colours this isn't one for you, but it's a great bath bomb for when your skin is feeling a little dry and malnourished. 

That was quite a haul! I can't wait to pick up some more when I visit on Friday, for the Valentine's Day and Mother's Day collections. What have you been picking up recently? 

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