Sunday, 7 February 2016

18th Birthday Wishlist

Not to alarm anyone, but my 18th birthday is TWO WEEKS TODAY! This year has gone so quickly already, it's crazy. Turning 18 isn't really a massive thing for me to be honest, but it's always an excuse to create a birthday wishlist!

NARS One Shocking Moment Palette | I have wanted this palette ever since it came out. I am yet to own anything from NARS, and this palette would be a dream. I can't justify spending £20+ on one blush that I may rarely use from NARS, but this palette is a bargain for £45 as it includes 7 shades. 

Tarte Tartelette Palette | As Tarte is an American brand, I haven't tried any of their products but I've seen a few people blogging about this palette and it is absolutely beautiful. I may have to get one shipped over in a Sephora order sometime soon, along with the Tartelette in Bloom palette. The packaging is incredible, and the shades are so wearable and pretty. I love the variety of looks you could create with the 12 shades, but they all fit perfectly together in the palette.

Morphe 35O Palette | The most impossible palette to get hold of ever. Never have I known a palette to sell out quicker than it is restocked, it is in such high demand. If I ever manage to get my hands on this I will be one happy lady, for under £20 Morphe palettes are a steal. The formulation of their eyeshadows is incredible for the price they are, I am seriously hoping this is restocked sometime soon. I need it.

Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Palette | Ever since I laid my eyes on this palette, I've wanted it. There's a bit of a trend with this wishlist, it seems to be full of palettes but I seriously just cannot get enough. I don't own anything from Charlotte Tilbury, but it's only a matter of time before I take the plunge and purchase something. Just look at that packaging, it's an absolute dream.

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette | I actually ordered this palette on the day it was released, but Urban Decay messed up my order and only sent out the eyeshadow palette. I was going to repurchase but I've asked for it for my birthday, and if none of my family take the hint I will be purchasing it straight away. I need to complete my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette collection, as the eyeshadow offering is gorgeous and I can only imagine the blush palette is the same.

Marble Makeup Bag | I definitely follow that blogger cliché of loving absolutely everything marble. I can't help it at all, it's just so aesthetically pleasing. When I spotted this makeup bag on Etsy I knew I just had to have it, I am in desperate need of a new one so...

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream | Marc Jacobs perfume's have always been my favourite. I've had a few of them and loved every single one. I ran out of my latest bottle of Daisy recently, and I really want to get Daisy Dream ready for the spring season. 

Gwen Stefani '714' Lipstick | Along with the palettes, Gwen Stefani has released a killer collection of lipsticks for Urban Decay. Of course I want every shade, but 714, a matte red, is top of my list. It is a perfect Gwen colour.

Gwen Stefani 'Ex Girlfriend' Lipliner | I'm not a massive fan of lipliner, I don't wear it very often as I'm pretty lazy. I wasn't fussed by Gwen's lipliner collection until I saw a swatch of 'Ex Girlfriend'. The perfect matte nude for me. Get in my collection please.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish | I had a sample of Cleanse and Polish ages ago and I absolutely loved it. As 2016 is going to be my year for improving my skincare, I think it's only right that I invest a bit more into the products I use on my face. Cleanse and Polish is a dream for removing makeup, so easy and makes the skin feel so smooth. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow | My eyebrows are completely none existent due to them being blonde. I've been wanting Dip Brow for so long, why do America have all the best brands. ABH come to the UK please.

New Balance 996 | This wishlist was going to be all beauty, as I always want makeup more than anything but I spotted these whilst browsing through Office and I am in love. I got a pair of New Balance's for my birthday last year, and they have been very well worn. I think it is time for a new pair and these are perfect.

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