Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Advertisers

It's officially the end of the month, where has January gone?! It's flown by so quickly, it's crazy. I'm not complaining though, January is such a rubbish month. Bring on Febraury. As it's the end of January, I'm back with another advertisers post to share with you all the lovely blogs that have been in my sidebar this month.

Hi *waves*, I’m Chloe, a 17-year-old student, currently living in the UK, somewhere in between Bath and Bristol. My blog is Beauty & the Girl, where I write about many things, although predominantly beauty. As well as beauty, I share things that I (the girl) get up to in my every-day-life. That means venturing into the life of fashion and lifestyle blogging. As well as blogging, I am a big fan of shopping (who isn’t?) – beauty, clothing, and stationary being my biggest weaknesses. I also have a passion for travelling and plan to visit many countries, including France, Italy and America. I dream of roaming around little cities and villages, with my camera, visiting independent cafes and snapping vintage, culture-full images. I write about all of these things over on Beauty & the Girl, so pop along and leave a comment if you pass through!

Chloe's blog has been down all month for her relaunch, but she's back this February with lots of brilliant content, so follow her on twitter for the updates on when her blog is going to be back live! You can find Chloe's blog at (when it's back up and running!) or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

I'm Beckie, a 21 year old from Birmingham, UK. I'm also a final year Criminology student. I created this blog back in 2012 under 'girlswithblondecurls', but I stopped after 2 years, and started up again in May 2015 under the name 'Beckie Eschle'. I blog about recent beauty finds, my latest outfits, books, recipes, travels and hauls.I originally started my blog back up again, so I could help others manage their mental health. I suffer from anxiety & depression, and I have a variety of posts on how to manage that, and what works for me! Enjoy folks.

My favourite post from the month was 'How I've Been More Productive This January' because I've been so crap at being productive, and it gave me a few tips to getting back on track! Eating healthy this January has been a massive help for me. You can find Beckie's blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


I'm a 20 year old blogger, poet and newbie YouTuber; I'm in my third year of uni and I'm a lover of dark lipstick, Pepsi and all things skincare. I've been blogging for over a year and I talk about anything & everything on The Lilac Scrapbook - it truly is a little scrapbook of my entire life. This month I was included in a list of Merseyside's best female bloggers & vloggers which was amazing, and I hope to see my blog grow even more this year. Come and say hello!

My favourite post from the month was 'You Do You' because it's actually so true. You do not have to support every single person's ideas to be a feminist, you can call people up on shit and have your own opinion! You can find Katy's blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


Hi! I'm Lauren, a 20 fashion blogger and 3rd year Keele uni student. Love sweets and cocktails. Started my blog on May and it's the best thing I've ever done. It's helped me decide on a whole new career path and grown my confidence.

My favourite post from the month was this 'Burgundy OOTD' because I love all things burgundy, that skirt is absolutely beaut and I might just have to pick it up for myself! Lauren looks gorgeous, you can find her blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Hello everyone! I'm Emily, an 18 year old make-up obsessed blogger! I'm a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and an aspiring make-up artist currently try to for fill those aspirations. You can find my blog over at Emily Rose or my Youtube channel under the name 'Emily Rose'. I write about all things beauty related from monthly favourites to reviews. I'd be ever so grateful if you went over and had a read and let me know what you think! Lots of love x

My favourite post from the month was 'Free Fonts for Bloggers' because I 
absolutely love finding new fonts. I literally hoard fonts, and there's some gorgeous ones in this post. You can find Emily's blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

It's been so nice to have these lovely blogs and brands advertising with me throughout January, go and check them out and find yourself some new reads! :) If you're interested in advertising with me in future months you can find out more here (packages start from just £4!)

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