Tuesday, 5 January 2016

December Advertisers

I'm back with another advertisers to post to share with you the amazing bloggers that have been on perksofbeingami this month! There really are some lovely blogs featured this month, I was seriously shocked at how they don't have more followers, go and check them out.

"My name is Adriana which you might of guessed by the blog name by Adriana, I'm 22 years old and currently living in the big City of London after many moves around the UK. .I created this blog back in March 2013 while I was making my decision about university and what I wanted to in life and I felt like it was the right time to start my blog after years of being scared to start one. I talk about issues I have, decisions, work, travels, beauty, fashion and pretty much anything else, I write whatever comes to mind and want to share." 

My favourite post from the month was 'Gingerbread Cookies' because they look amazing, and who doesn't love gingerbread?! You can find Adriana's blog at www.byadrianar.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Hello, Lovelies! I'm Jess from Cake Crumbs and Pages. I'm a 25-year-old, self-proclaimed bookworm, novice baker and lover of tea based in the East Midlands on the life-changing adventure of flying the nest and writing my debut novel or at least, I was when I started blogging! Almost 2 years on I now ramble about anything and everything! I share recipes, book and movie reviews, hauls and anything life-related on my blog, as well as the odd sprinkling of beauty and fashion. Due to taking ill in November 2014, recent months have seen me try to raise awareness and share my experiences of the awful illness Labyrinthitis as my on-going journey for a full diagnosis continues. I hope to share more of my life soon as I embark on a new adventure next year! You can often find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so pull up a chair and come on over to say hi! The kettles on.

My favourite post from the month was 'DIY 101: Wrapping Presents' as I am awful at wrapping presents and making them look pretty, so this was really helpful! You can read Jess' blog over at www.cakecrumbs-and-pages.co.uk or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Hi there, I'm Sian and you can find me over at Cakey Dreamer. My blog started in December 2014 as a place to share my cake creations and to hopefully teach others how to make their own fantastic bakes. Since then it's evolved into more of a lifestyle blog featuring fitness, Disney and more! But don't worry- there's still a good amount of cake involved and I'm still sharing my tips! Why not pop on over, I'm sure you'll find something to love! 

My favourite post from the month was 'Christmas Recipe Roundup' it includes so many amazing recipes! You can read Sian' blog over at www.cakeydreamer.co.uk or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Hi I'm Roxie, I'm a twenty-something beauty blogger from Scotland and the creator of The Beautiful Bluebird. I started blogging in 2014 to have a place to write about my passion for crafts and baking, but now my blog also showcases my love for beauty and skincare products. I review a mixture of high street, budget and premium products all 100% honestly and lovingly. I also write lifestyle posts, book reviews and all about my love for thrift shopping, comic books and wedding planning. I post every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday - and sometimes a little bit more. I'd love if you'd pop by and join me on my adventures at thebeautifulbluebird.com

My favourite post from the month was 'The Skincare Awards' a lovely round up of Roxie's favourite skincare throughout 2015! You can read Roxie's blog over at www.thebeautifulbluebird.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

My favourite post from the month was 'National Holidays Christmas Hamper' it looks like such an amazing hamper for the festive season! You can read Anastasia's blog over at www.daintydesires.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

My name is Chloe, I’m 16 (17 in 9 days, eek) and I am currently at college studying A-levels. Beauty & the Girl is my space on the internet where I talk about beauty (as you probably guessed) but also about things that I (the girl) want to share with you all – lifestyle, fashion, travel, etc. Although I am currently on a blogging break, I am still busy writing posts and planning big things for when I return in February, so make sure you follow to keep up to date! I can’t wait to write more content for you all to read!

My favourite post from the month was 'Christmas Day Makeup' it's full of gorgeous photos, and so many of my favourite products! You can read Chloe's blog over at www.beautyandthegirl.co.uk or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

 "Hi my names Laura and I run the blog www.laurcaud.co.uk My posts are mostly lifestyle / baking, with the odd beauty post and sometimes I even post about my dog.. I blog about everything that I love really. Hope you enjoy reading!"

My favourite post from the month was 'What I Got For Christmas' she received gifts that would've been perfect for me too, so I really enjoyed reading it and finding new things to pick up! You can read Laura's blog over at www.laurcaud.co.uk or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

It's been so nice to have these lovely blogs and brands advertising with me throughout December, go and check them out and find yourself some new reads/shops! :) If you're interested in advertising with me in future months you can find out more here (packages start from just £3!)

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