Monday, 11 January 2016

Brands I Want To Try in 2016

After I started to write this post I realised there are SO many brands that I have left to try. I am definitely one that sticks to the brands that I know, but this year I want to try something new and expand my makeup collection so much more. This may also result in me having to buy more storage for it all, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I've been eyeing up some IKEA storage anyway, so it's a perfect excuse. You're probably looking at me in shame for not trying some of these brands already, or only just dipping my toes into their waters, but I'm getting better with new brands I promise!

Origins | I'm not going to lie to you, I am rubbish at skincare. I have skincare products that I absolutely love and they work wonders on my skin, but I don't have a routine like I should do. Some nights I don't even take my makeup off, that's very rare, but still gross ew. 2016 is going to be the year I make an effort with my skin and that obviously means I should invest in some new products. Everyone raves about Origins, and I've got my eye on their Ginzing Moisturiser and a few of their masks.

NYX | I'll tell you a little story about when we couldn't get NYX in the UK, I used to go on the NYX website and put everything I ever wanted in my basket and then get sad because I couldn't actually order it. Now that we can get NYX I haven't been too fussed, what a surprise. I am determined to try a few of their products, especially the Soft Matte Lip Creams, they look incredible.

The Balm | If I see one more post about the Mary Lou Highlighter before I actually get round to buying it I think I might explode. The Balm have taken over the blogging world with their little highlighting gem, and after my spending ban it's going to be the first thing I buy I can't wait any longer. I am not a fan of buying products online before I see them in store, and I can't find The Balm anywhere which has put me off ordering but I think I've read enough reviews now to know that highlighter is needed in my collection.

KIKO | Another brand that I've never been able to find in store is KIKO, the closest store to me is in London and I rarely visit because I actually hate shopping in London. I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when I spotted a KIKO store up in Nottingham, so next time I make a venture up there (hopefully quite soon) I will be making a trip to KIKO and buying absolutely everything. Their eyeshadows are top of my list, but I'm sure I'll find about 100 other things to pick up and purchase.

Sephora | Ever since Sephora started shipping to the UK I've wanted to make an order, but I've never justified the shipping fees, or I've never been able to narrow my order down enough for me to be able to afford everything. The US have so many beauty products that I'm dying to try, but the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Satin look absolutely gorgeous. If I don't make a trip to the Paris, or even better the US, in the next year I am going to have to make a Sephora order whilst crying at my bank balance because there is no doubt that I will buy everything. When are they going to put a Sephora in London?!

NARS | Another brand that I very rarely see in stores anywhere. Space NK in Chichester had NARS but they didn't have a massive range of products, and the time I got colour matched for a foundation I wasn't happy with how the colour looked on me so I never got round to picking one up. NARS Sheer Glow has been on my wishlist since I first started blogging, and their Creamy Concealer joined that list not long after. Next time I see NARS in store, I'm going to get colour matched again and pray that it looks good on my skin, and finally buy something. Their Audacious Lipsticks are also calling me, but I just can't pick a shade to try first.

Anastasia Beverly Hills | My brow game isn't strong, I'm not going to deny that. I don't ever make an effort with my brows because they're half blonde so are basically non existent anyway. ABH Dip Brow Promade seems to work wonders for everyone, alongside Brow Wiz, and I seriously want to up my brow game so it seems like the perfect duo for me. The ABH Contour Kits are stunning, I will get my hands on one this year. US Brands please come to the UK and be more accessible to us.

Makeup Geek | I hadn't heard about Makeup Geek until a few weeks ago, but now everyone is raving about them I feel like I need to add something to my collection. After doing some research and realising how cheap their products are for the price, I've decided I need pretty much every single one of their eyeshadows and it is very likely that I will have a whole palette of them by the end of 2016.

Colourpop | This is the same as with Makeup Geek, I was oblivious that Colourpop existed until a few bloggers started comparing the Kylie Lip Kits to some Colourpop lip products. After doing some research I've learnt that their eyeshadows are so worth the hype behind them, and I definitely need the Matte Lip Creams that everyone is comparing to Kylie's.

Charlotte Tilbury | The luxury brand that hit the blogging world by storm in 2015. CT was everywhere, you literally cannot get away from it. Can you blame the bloggers for going crazy though? With packaging that pretty I don't think you can. I am very hesitant about splurging on everything CT because the only store near me that stocks it is in London, and I do not want to be spending that kind of money on a lipstick that will sit in my drawers all year. Even if it is that pretty. I have been eyeing up the Vintage Vamp palette for a while though, so I may purchase that first.

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