Wednesday, 13 January 2016

2015 Favourites | Face Products

At first, I attempted to make this a 'Top 5 Blushers' post, and then it hit me. I very rarely wear blusher, I cannot remember the last time I wore it to be honest. I'm all about that highlight and contour life. Obviously, I have one go to blusher for those days where I feel the need to reach for it though. Here are my face products of 2015...

Elf Blush in Blushing Rose | As I said, I don't reach for blusher very often. I naturally have quite pink toned skin, and applying most blushers just makes me look like I'm red faced all day long so I tend to avoid it. If there is a day when I'm feeling a little more pale then Elf's Blushing Rose is my go to, as it's a darker than your average pink blush shade. It's more of a berry toned blush, with specks of golden shimmer running through it. I wear this throughout autumn a lot more than any other season, as it fits right into that berry trend. 

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer | A 3 way highlighter which you can used mixed with your foundation, as a base primer or as a highlight. Before trying this I hadn't ventured into the world of liquid highlighters, I always thought they added too much shimmer. Ever since trying this I've realised there isn't such a thing as too much shimmer, I love this highlight across the top of my cheekbones and in the arch of my eyebrow. It's not too in your face, but it adds the most gorgeous glowy highlight that can be built up easily without product slipping all over your face. I rarely leave the house without highlighter now, I like to sparkle.

Seventeen Contour Kit in Fair | Being pale and wanting to contour aren't two things that go together very well at all. Finding the perfect contour shade isn't easy when you're as white as a sheet. Seventeen changed the game when they released their Contour Kit in 4 shades, and I found the lightest is actually light enough for me to not look like I have a bright orange smudge below my cheekbones. It consists of a matte contour and highlight duo, which are easy to apply and blend out to create flawless cheekbones. 

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 01 | If you're not looking for a contour kit as such but want to try a new contour/bronzer product I can't recommend this offering from The Body Shop enough. They have a range of 4 shades, so there is definitely something for everyone. The Honey Bronzer is completely matte with a smooth, easy to blend texture. It feels light on the skin, doesn't look cakey at all, and I've found there is literally no fallout due to the product being so compact. I've been using this for months and I haven't even left a dent in that gorgeous beehive design yet, I can see it lasting me a very long time.

What were your go to face products in 2015?

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