Saturday, 19 December 2015

BLOGMAS #11 | Homeware Wishlist

Over the past few weeks I've been having a massive clear out in my room and completely decluttering everything because to be quite honest I own a lot of pointless crap. I just seem to keep things for the sake of them, so I've decided to get rid of it all in time to redecorate my room in the new year. When I've redecorated I'm going to be upgrading all my furniture and buying cute pretty things to make everything a bit more homely. I'm going for a simplistic monochrome with a hint of copper tones style, oh how blogger cliche of me...

Marble Phone Case | £12 | 20% off with the code 'ami20 | I know this isn't actually for the home, but I'd definitely buy it for show. I never have a phone case on my phone, I know I live life on the edge, but I love the whole marble trend. This phone case is a marble lover's dream, so pretty much every blogger, yeah?

Copper Tray | £14.99 | H&M have absolutely smashed it out of the park this year with their homeware, I've had my eye on SO many pieces all the way through the new seasons. I cannot wait to finally buy everything, starting with this copper tray. No I have no idea what I'll use it for, but I think it'll look really nice on my desk with a few odds and ends in it.

Black Spotty Mug | £11.60 | Who doesn't need a new mug? I don't drink hot drinks very often but I just could not say no to this mug. I think it'll look so cute sat on my desk. I am so guilty of buying things because of their appearance rather than the use I'll get out of it. The gold detailing round the top sold it to me, and it'll make a brilliant blog photos prop. I am definitely trying to justify buying this.

Gold Spotty Candle | £7.99 | Candles are my favourite thing ever to buy. I have a massive collection of Yankee Candles, but I've now decided that although they smell absolutely incredible, they're not the nicest looking candles so I want to expand my collection to balance that out. I thought this little offering from H&M was perfect, as it's not an overly big candle and I love the gold pattern on the outside of it. 

'Big Spoon, Little Spoon' Pillowcases | £24.95 | Big Spoon, Little Spoon pillowcases are something I've wanted forever. Even though it's only ever me in my bed as I am lacking a big spoon, I think these pillowcases are super cute! My lack of big spoon will not stop me buying these, I can starfish and make it look like there's two people to make it acceptable.

Stay Classy, Sassy and a bit Bad-Assy Print | £6 without frame, £13.50 with frame | 20% off with the code 'ami20' | Prints are really starting to catch my eye lately. They've never really been something I've ever wanted to buy, but after deciding that I'm going to make my room as motivational as possible I've been searching for prints like crazy! I love this one as it represents me perfectly, well my image of me in my mind anyway, so it's perfect for motivation. Monochrome Motivation, that's totally a thing now.

Marble Tray | £6.99 | If you haven't seen this tray at least 100 times this year, you've been living under a rock. I need it, and yes I definitely need it because everyone else has it and I am a massive sucker for buying into the hype. Marble is just so photogenic. 

What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Print | £9 | Blair Waldorf is my queen, I need this print in my life. She is my inspiration for so many things, Gossip Girl is life. 

Black Wavy Cushion Cover | £6.99 | I currently only own one cushion which is the worst. I think cushions make everything look so cosy and warm, I want to cover my bed in cushions and throws. I love how simple this cushion cover is, and there's a few more in the range to match that I'll obviously have to pick up to go with it.

She Believed She Could So She Did Print | £4-£11 | I love this quote, I seriously want to just fill my room with motivational prints to help me get through the rest of my A Levels. I own a notebook with this quote on already, but I think this print is absolutely perfect. It's available in a rose gold/copper shade which is definitely a sign for me to buy it, right?

Copper Wire Basket | £7.99 |  I've been looking for something to keep all my shower and skincare favourites in for a while, and I think this basket is the item I need. I hate having all my products cluttering up my bathroom, and I think everything will look neat stacked away into this basket as it isn't too big or too small. A perfect size, and yet again in a gorgeous copper colour.

Marble Makeup Bag | £12.96 | This is the most amazing makeup bag I have ever laid my eyes on. It's so beautifully made and just look at the print. I need it. I love the copper zip detailing on it as well, it just adds an extra touch of prettiness. Etsy is full of amazing products, I was so happy to stumble across this. For just under £13, I think it's a steal.

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