Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BLOGMAS #1 | Winter Nails

I don't understand where this year has gone at all, but it is finally December 1st which means I can start getting all festive. This year I'm taking on the challenge of Blogmas, which may not seem like a lot as it's just daily posting but with work, college and attempting Vlogmas on the side, it's going to be a bit of a crazy month! I'm not going to be doing a fully festive vlogmas as I'm not an overly festive person, so it will be a mixture of festive and my normal posts! To kick things off I'm talking all about the nails...

Winter is my favourite time of year to paint my nails, I love the darker colours that are more acceptable to wear during these months. My top 4 shades are all very similar, but that doesn't mean they're the same so it's ok to post about all 4, right? 

First up is A List by Essie, which I'm actually wearing whilst writing this post, it's a classic deep red shade that I absolutely adore at the moment. I didn't think I had any true reds in my collection, as all I have are bright or dark shades, but this one is my perfect red. It applies evenly on the nail and with two coats you're good to go, I usually do put a top coat over the top but that's just to prolong the wear even more due to the fact I hate having to repaint my nails.

A shade very similar to A List is Raspberry by Barry M, but as the name suggest this one is more of a pink toned berry red. I wore this all the way through Autumn and I just can't get enough of it, it will definitely be sticking with me all through the Winter season. Barry M is my favourite nail varnish brand because they just last so god damn long, for a £3 nail varnish I usually get about a week without chipping which I think is incredible. Two coats will get the perfect colour, and both are a dream to apply, it doesn't take long to dry either which is the best thing.

Carrying on my Barry M love, my next shade is Berry Cosmo. This was my go to shade last winter, and I haven't worn it a lot lately but I picked it out due to the fact I loved it so much last year. When I need to paint my nails again, a Berry Cosmo is going to be my first choice. It's a gorgeous deep berry purple shade, it reminds me of mulled wine so much. I cannot wait to have this on my nails again, the formula is the same as Raspberry, and again two coats leaves the most perfect colour.

Last up is another Essie shade, do we see a trend here? Bahama Mama is my all time favourite nail shade ever, it's another deep plum berry shade, but it's a lot lighter than Berry Cosmo, which I find can look black sometimes but the purple undertones in Bahama Mama really bring out the shade, it changes colour with the light so it can lean towards a red wine colour but then to a lighter purple. The formula isn't my favourite, its a tad watery sometimes which makes applying it harder but it is so worth it for the end result.

Being the idiot that I am, I completely forgot to add my favourite glitter shades. Seriously what are winter nails without glitter?! I love wearing any of these shades with a top coat of Summit of Style by Essie, which is a gorgeous gold glitter nail varnish. It's my favourite top coat to wear as the glitter is distributed evenly and it's so easy to apply.

(Left to Right) Barry M Raspberry | Essie A List | Barry M Berry Cosmo | Essie Bahama Mama

What are your favourite Winter shades?

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