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Saint Raymond | Wedgewood Rooms | 18.11.15

Saint Raymond (20 year old Callum Burrows) is touring his 17 track debut album 'Young Blood' all over the UK throughout November and December. After touring with Ed Sheeran for his 'Multiply' tour, Nottingham born Callum released Young Blood earlier this year in June which peaked at #15 in the iTunes charts.  I managed to catch him halfway through his tour at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, a quaint venue perfect for the occasion. 

A line up of young fresh talented took the stage on the night, starting with Shannon Saunders. Vibes of Halsey and Lana Del Ray filled the room throughout Shannon's performance and her incredible vocals left the crowd stunned. A young artist to watch for sure, her tracks are original and incredibly catchy, with 'Sheets' and 'Pure', which is a new track yet to be released, being my personal favourites from the night.

Louis Berry was next to take the stage, a contrast to Shannon's innocent vocals, this cheeky Liverpool lad caught the attention of the crowd with his upbeat guitar based tracks. Confident in himself, Louis filled the whole stage with catchy tracks that the crowd picked up on. Although after speaking to him after the gig he stated "we couldn't hear ourselves on stage so couldn't get into it", but it definitely didn't show, he rocked the room with various songs, "25 Reasons" being my favourite. 

Saint Raymond finally took the stage and it's safe to say he absolutely killed it. Opening with 'Letting Go' and a powerful introduction from his band, he got the crowd singing along instantly. 'Be There', 'Everything She Wants'  and 'I Want You' followed, the later two being personal favourites of mine from the album and after a few vodka and cokes I may have been singing along a little too loud, oops.. 

Callum slowed things down a bit, performing 'Don't Fail Me Now', but the crowd were still very vocal with arms flailing around in the air in time with the beat. A pretty unknown track followed, and when I say that I mean there was about 5 of us in the whole venue who knew the words, but that didn't stop the crowd bouncing around to 'Mojito Sundays' after the beat kicked in. It was perfectly timed as the title track of the album was up next and everyone got back to dancing with 'Young Blood'. 

With an array of green strobe lights, he abandoned his guitar and performed a cover of Major Lazer x DJ Snake's 'Lean On'. The crowd absolutely loved it and sung along with every word, I have to admit that Callum's version is definitely better than the original so who can blame them? He followed with 'Wildheart' and then abandoned his band to perform solo for the crowd, with his track 'As We Are Now'. The fans proved themselves as Callum stopped playing just to sing along with the crowd, who sung every word with him perfectly. 

Welcoming back Shannon Saunders to the stage, they performed a duet of 'Movie in My Mind' which is my absolute favourite track of the album at the moment. Shannon and Callum absolutely killed it, their voices together in harmony is something special. We were treated to an exclusive performance of 'We Are Fire', a new track going towards album #2, which sounds like it's going to be a hit. 
'Come Back To You' and 'Ghosts' closed the show, with the fans clapping along and dancing all over the place. This obviously lead to an encore... 

Starting with 'Never Let You Go', 'Bonfires' and ending with 'Fall At Your Feet', Saint Raymond is definitely not one to disappoint, after he joined the crowd in the front row I don't think anyone was complaining. The venue wasn't full but he made the most of it and you wouldn't have known, everyone was singing and dancing. It's not a night I'll be forgetting anytime soon.

Of course I had to wait around after to meet him, and I can confirm he is one of the nicest people I've ever met (well that's my drunk judgement but still..). It's nice to meet the person behind the act, and Callum is so genuine. I will definitely be seeing him again. I am so tempted to buy tickets to see him again in London next week as he sounds better live than he does on his tracks which is so rare. One of the best gigs I have ever been too, you rocked it Cal. 

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