Saturday, 7 November 2015

October Favourites

This year is flying by, it's going to be the end of year before we know it. It's so scary to think there is less than 2 months until 2016. I'm back on the blog with a good old favourites post today. Ocotober has been an incredibly busy month, so I found it quite easy to pick out what I've been reaching for the most.

First up is Urban Decay's Naked Smoky, I have no idea how this is the palette's first appearance on my blog because I am absolutely in love with it. The shade range has been perfect for this dull weather. It contains such good variety, so this has been my go to palette for all of October. I'm not going to go on as a review is due up very shortly, with swatches, so look out for that one. Next up is my favourite autumn lipstick of all time, that's right, it's MAC's Rebel. I have mentioned this on my blog so many times, and it's on every other bloggers lips at the moment too, but if you haven't seen it seriously go google it now. You will not be disappointed. It is the perfect plum shade, I haven't found anything quite like it.

I switched up my foundation of the month as I wanted to go for more of a matte finish, so I started using L'Oreal's Infalliable Matte Foundation, which I can confirm is absolutely amazing. It applies and blends like an absolute dream and stays put all day. Stay tuned for a full review very soon.

I've actually been making an effort with my skincare lately, now that's a shocker. I don't use makeup wipes, but a quick cleanse is usually as far as I go. This month I've been loving Bee Good's Cream Cleanser* over my Ark Skincare Cleanser, as I started to find that one dried out my skin during the colder weather. I love the consistency of the Bee Good offering, it's a very thick cream which I've never tried before but I've definitely been converted. It doesn't dry out my skin at all which is something that I suffer a lot with during the winter. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and moisturised, and it also smells incredible. I have never been one to moisturise because I am so lazy but Antipodes Rejoice Light Daily Face Cream* has become my holy grail. After realising my skin was incredibly dry, I picked this up out of my stash and I instantly fell in love. It's quite a thick moisturiser, but it doesn't take long to settle into the skin at all. It leaves a flawless base for makeup application, I've forgotten to apply primer quite a few times because my skin looks so good I already think I'm wearing it. I've kept my lips smooth with Burts Bees Squeezable Beeswax Balm*, it doesn't make the lips sticky at all and doesn't have a horrible after taste like a lot of lip balms I've tried. I take this everywhere with me now.

The Lush Halloween and Christmas Collection was released in October and if you follow me on social media, you'll know I love it. I cannot stop buying products, I may or may not have a Lush haul going up very soon.. I couldn't pick out a favourite from the collection to use in this post, but recently I have been loving the Sparkly Pumpkin, Snow Fairy and Golden Wonder. I am yet to pick up a few of the Christmas products, but I'm sure I will very soon, I just can't resist. Give me all the Lush.

I never do non beauty favourites but this month I just had to include some. First up is my favourite candle at the moment, which is Yankee Candle Fireside Treats. It is so gorgeous at this time of year, the smell just reminds me of winter. My other non beauty favourite was my flowers from Appleyard London*, you can read my full review here. They were just so gorgeous, and brightened up my month whilst they lasted.

What were your October Favourites?

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