Sunday, 8 November 2015

Is Social Media Fake?

Ever since the Essena O'Neill outbreak on Instagram, everyone's been going a bit crazy about social media. Is it as real as you are led to believe? Since Essena decided to quit her Instagram, a few others have jumped on the bandwagon, changing their Instagram captions to what really was occuring when they took the photo. Is their logic behind this, or are people searching for their five minutes of fame?

 In reality, Essena's massive outburst of quitting Instagram just caused people to look into her life even more, she's everywhere. This 'perfect' ideal she created is being talked about everywhere, was is a publicity stunt? Why didn't she do the whole ordeal of quitting quietly if she wasn't happy with the way people perceived her life? So many people are jumping up and down and praising her for removing the idea of perfection that she created. but in reality is that what she wanted to happen? 

If Essena didn't want to be addicted to social media, and the idea of social desirability, why has she created a new website? Why has she announced she is writing a book? Her new website will  promote veganism, plant-based nutrition, social issues, gender equality, environmental issues and controversial art. Has she just jumped from one side of the social scale to the other? 

Essena attempted to 'out' Instagram by stating her posts were paid for, that she edited photos, that she only went of for the day to shoot these photos. Nowadays it is easy to spot a sponsored post from a mile away, it is not uncommon knowledge that people are paid to promote. The world is changing, social media is the best form of advertising. Photo editing, wearing outfits just for a photo shoot, trying to create the perfect image for yourself. Does it sound familiar anywhere at all? Essena's scandal would be the equivalent of someone trying to 'out' magazines 10 years ago for being too perfect. Social media is taking over the world, that's a fact. It's up to you how much you let it affect your life though, you have control.

It can be fun to create a different life for yourself on your social media, I'm not going to say I post every aspect of my life on the internet because I don't. I post the things I want people to see. I edit my photos. I use filters. I make things seem better than they are. If you can honestly stand up and say you have never edited a photo, or put a filter on something, then hats off to you but it's just not reality these days. Everyone wants to look at aesthetically pleasing photos, that's a fact. That doesn't mean you have to change the whole concept of the photo, you can still be very real to yourself. 

I believe that social media is what you make it. You choose which parts of your life to include on your social media, you choose what to upload and what you let people believe about your life. Social media is like a scrapbook for yourself, you only post the things you'd want to look back and remember. You are in full control. My social media accounts are a reflection of me. I may take about 50 photos of myself before I post a selfiie, but that's me picking out my own flaws. I do not try to create a sense of perfection, or something for people to be jealous of, what's the point? 

Enjoy your social media, post things for you, and if you don't then quit without causing a massive fuss. Remember you are always in full control.

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