Meet My November Advertisers

Sunday, 29 November 2015

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It's weird to say that this is my first ever 'Meet My Advertisers' post, I can't actually believe people want to advertise on my blog and it really hasn't sunk in yet. I love it though because it gives me an oppurtunity to share some amazing blogs and companies with you, which I cannot wait to continue to do in the future! So here goes..


"My name is Liv, I'm 20 and this is my section of the internet! I pretty much write what I want on here from Makeup, Fashion, Lifestyle etc! I am a plus size lady gaining confidence and accepting my body, I want to show women of all sizes we can love our bodies be it a size 6 or 24. I always seek new techniques, products, fashion pieces etc to compliment me and find what works for me so I can share it with my readers. I like to experiment with makeup trying new things all the time!" 

I have really enjoyed having Liv advertise on my blog this month as it's introduced me to a lovely blog that I really like to read, Liv also has a brilliant youtube channel which you can find here. My favourite post from the month was 'How I Gained 70 Twitter Followers in a Week'.

Find Liv's blog here at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram


"My name is Adriana which you might of guessed by the blog name by Adriana, I'm 22 years old and currently living in the big City of London after many moves around the UK. .I created this blog back in March 2013 while I was making my decision about university and what I wanted to in life and I felt like it was the right time to start my blog after years of being scared to start one. I talk about issues I have, decisions, work, travels, beauty, fashion and pretty much anything else, I write whatever comes to mind and want to share." 

My favourite post from the month was 'Bath Bomb Addiction | Lush Haul' because who doesn't love a Lush haul? You can find Adriana's blog at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


After recently undergoing a rebrand 'Embrace & Ignite' is a brand new site! You may know of Krystal as Little Beauty Bug, but she decided to undergo a rebrand and redesign her whole blog. I can confirm it looks amazing so I would seriously recommend going to check it out. Krystal offers a range of posts including beauty reviews, blog planning printables, freebie graphics etc.

I am really enjoying reading Krystal's new blog and I am sure she will go far with it in the future, you can find her blog here at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


 "We are ShopBXB, a brand new beauty venture, that will globalize and revolutionize access to beauty products. We have an extensive range of all things beauty, skin and hair, over 3 times the size of our closest competitors to offer. We provide unlimited access to all your favourite brands, at the lowest prices on the market and ship internationally for FREE!"

They've actually just launched their Christmas sale, offering up to 75% off their top Christmas stocking fillers and an extra 10% off across the whole site when you spend $40 (of course with FREE worldwide delivery)! 

You can find their site here at or follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

It's been so nice to have these lovely blogs and brands advertising with my throughout November, go and check them out and find yourself some new reads/shops! :) If you're interested in advertising with me in future months you can find out more here (packages start from just £3!)

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Saint Raymond | Wedgewood Rooms | 18.11.15

Friday, 27 November 2015

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Saint Raymond (20 year old Callum Burrows) is touring his 17 track debut album 'Young Blood' all over the UK throughout November and December. After touring with Ed Sheeran for his 'Multiply' tour, Nottingham born Callum released Young Blood earlier this year in June which peaked at #15 in the iTunes charts.  I managed to catch him halfway through his tour at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, a quaint venue perfect for the occasion. 

A line up of young fresh talented took the stage on the night, starting with Shannon Saunders. Vibes of Halsey and Lana Del Ray filled the room throughout Shannon's performance and her incredible vocals left the crowd stunned. A young artist to watch for sure, her tracks are original and incredibly catchy, with 'Sheets' and 'Pure', which is a new track yet to be released, being my personal favourites from the night.

Louis Berry was next to take the stage, a contrast to Shannon's innocent vocals, this cheeky Liverpool lad caught the attention of the crowd with his upbeat guitar based tracks. Confident in himself, Louis filled the whole stage with catchy tracks that the crowd picked up on. Although after speaking to him after the gig he stated "we couldn't hear ourselves on stage so couldn't get into it", but it definitely didn't show, he rocked the room with various songs, "25 Reasons" being my favourite. 

Saint Raymond finally took the stage and it's safe to say he absolutely killed it. Opening with 'Letting Go' and a powerful introduction from his band, he got the crowd singing along instantly. 'Be There', 'Everything She Wants'  and 'I Want You' followed, the later two being personal favourites of mine from the album and after a few vodka and cokes I may have been singing along a little too loud, oops.. 

Callum slowed things down a bit, performing 'Don't Fail Me Now', but the crowd were still very vocal with arms flailing around in the air in time with the beat. A pretty unknown track followed, and when I say that I mean there was about 5 of us in the whole venue who knew the words, but that didn't stop the crowd bouncing around to 'Mojito Sundays' after the beat kicked in. It was perfectly timed as the title track of the album was up next and everyone got back to dancing with 'Young Blood'. 

With an array of green strobe lights, he abandoned his guitar and performed a cover of Major Lazer x DJ Snake's 'Lean On'. The crowd absolutely loved it and sung along with every word, I have to admit that Callum's version is definitely better than the original so who can blame them? He followed with 'Wildheart' and then abandoned his band to perform solo for the crowd, with his track 'As We Are Now'. The fans proved themselves as Callum stopped playing just to sing along with the crowd, who sung every word with him perfectly. 

Welcoming back Shannon Saunders to the stage, they performed a duet of 'Movie in My Mind' which is my absolute favourite track of the album at the moment. Shannon and Callum absolutely killed it, their voices together in harmony is something special. We were treated to an exclusive performance of 'We Are Fire', a new track going towards album #2, which sounds like it's going to be a hit. 
'Come Back To You' and 'Ghosts' closed the show, with the fans clapping along and dancing all over the place. This obviously lead to an encore... 

Starting with 'Never Let You Go', 'Bonfires' and ending with 'Fall At Your Feet', Saint Raymond is definitely not one to disappoint, after he joined the crowd in the front row I don't think anyone was complaining. The venue wasn't full but he made the most of it and you wouldn't have known, everyone was singing and dancing. It's not a night I'll be forgetting anytime soon.

Of course I had to wait around after to meet him, and I can confirm he is one of the nicest people I've ever met (well that's my drunk judgement but still..). It's nice to meet the person behind the act, and Callum is so genuine. I will definitely be seeing him again. I am so tempted to buy tickets to see him again in London next week as he sounds better live than he does on his tracks which is so rare. One of the best gigs I have ever been too, you rocked it Cal. 

Shannon Saunders // Twitter // Youtube
Louis Berry // Twitter // Youtube
Saint Raymond // Twitter // Youtube // Tour Tickets

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It's Black Friday!

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It's Black Friday, which is actually one of the worst days of the year for me because I work in retail, but I thought I'd bring you a post full of amazing sales and discounts. Who doesn't love saving money?! I do think the whole idea of Black Friday is absolutely madness, and after watching people fight over TV's and other various items, it really put me off going shopping on Black Friday so I thought doing it from the comfort of my own bed was probably safest!

Even though I hate Black Friday I cannot turn down the opportunity to browse through my favourite online retailers. There are some AMAZING sales on at the moment, and I may have made a few cheeky orders, sorry bank balance! These are all the sales I've found so far that I think are worth checking out, if I find anymore I'll be updating the post so keep it bookmarked! 

ASOS - 20% off, code: CYBER
Models Own - 50% off
New Look - Up to 50% off
Boohoo - Up to 50% off,
Magnitone - Up to 99% off!! They will be tweeting their deals! (@magnitone)
The Body Shop - 40% off everything, code: 14670
Pretty Little Thing - up to 50% off and free shipping,
Missguided - 20% off everything, code: CYBER20
Selfridges - 20% off, code: SELFCCE
House of Fraser - up to 50% off,
Superdrug - up to 65% off
Elemis - up to 40% off
Feel Unique - various deals throughout the week, but they're amazing!
Benefit - 15% off, code: BLACK15
Beauty Crowd - up to 75% off
Debenhams - up to 30% off
Nails Inc - up to 75% off
In The Style - 30% off
Look Fantastic - 20% off, code: LFBLACK
Kurt Geiger - 20% off
Miss Selfridge - up to 50% off
Topshop - up to 50% off
Forever 21 - up to 50% off
Office - 20% off, code: SNOW

Have you shopped the Black Friday sales yet?

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Lush Halloween and Christmas Haul

Sunday, 22 November 2015

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Ever since Lush released their Halloween and Christmas collection I've wanted to make an order, I've held off as I'm trying to save some money for Christmas. Who am I kidding, I can't save money at all. I think I did well holding off as long as I did, and I refrained from buying the whole store, so my bank balance is looking good still. Phew. Trust me to receive my order after Halloween, so I couldn't use a Halloween bath bomb, story of my life to be honest.

Lush Halloween and Christmas Haul 2015 Snow Fairy Lord of Misrule The Experimenter Sparkly Pumpkin Big Bang Star Dust Butterbear Candy Mountain Peeping Santa Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Bubble Bar

Lush Halloween and Christmas Haul 2015 Snow Fairy Lord of Misrule The Experimenter Sparkly Pumpkin Big Bang Star Dust Butterbear Candy Mountain Peeping Santa Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Bubble Bar

I bought two products from the Halloween collection; the Sparkly Pumpkin and Lord of Misrule. I haven't tried either of these products before as I've never really been that fussed by the Halloween items, but I knew this year I needed to. The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is so glittery, it is literally getting glitter everywhere, I love the bright orange exterior of it. I can imagine myself getting out of the bath looking like a sparkling pumpkin after using this. It's hard to explain what it smells like, it's made using juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils. It has quite a sultry smell, that I would 100% associate with Halloween. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb is a gorgeous green colour, that turns the most beautiful deep pink and then to a wine red colour in the bath. True Halloween style. The smell is another one that I can't describe what is smells like, it's a mix of black pepper and vanilla, but neither of the scents overpowers the other. It's absolutely perfect, I really didn't think I would like this scent as I am definitely a sweet smell lover, but it's a really unique scent.

I am a lover of all things Christmas, especially when it comes to Lush. I swear all their products just get better and better around the Winter season. I went straight for the bath bombs first,  Butterbear Bath Bomb was a favourite of mine from last year so I just had to repurchase it. Vanilla toned, full of cocoa butter and only £1.95, I'm going to be stocking up on these before they sell out! Next I picked up the Star Dust Bath Bomb, I just love the simplicity of it, and of course the vanilla scent. Do we see a pattern forming here? I just love vanilla. It has a glittery surface so I can't wait to see what it does in the bath. The last bath bomb I picked up is another favourite of mine from last year, the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, is my all time favourite Christmas bath bomb. It is literally a present full of surprises. If you haven't tried this one yet I'd really recommend it to anyone. It has a really refreshing, zesty scent which I love to freshen up on cold winter evenings.

Then I headed over to pick up some bubble bars, first up was the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar, he is just so so cute! He is also full of shea and cocoa butter which are my favourite things in a bubble bar, it has a very fruity scent which I prefer over the more musky scents so this is perfect for me. Look at his little chocolate drop eyes. I cannot wait to try him out in the bath. I picked up the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, simply because I do every year and its amazing. I'm really not a pink girl at all, but there is nothing I love more than a bright pink bubble bath. It also smells sugary sweet, exactly like candyfloss, so I am all over this one. My second favourite bubble bar after The Comforter so far. The last thing I picked up from the Christmas range was a bottle of Snow Fairy, I just couldn't resist. I plan to buy a big bottle in the Boxing Day sale so I got the smallest bottle to last me up until then, but it is literally the best shower gel ever. Enough said.

I also picked up two Lush Oxford Street Exclusives which I was pretty happy about, I picked up The Experimenter Bath Bomb which I've repurchased so many times. I just love the scent and the colour of the water when it's finished fizzing, so beautiful. I nearly squealed when I saw the Big Bang Bubble Bar on the website, I ordered it straight away as I've been dying to try it for ages! On arrival, I was a little disappointed on the size as I thought it would be a bit bigger, but other than that it is amazing. It smells exactly like refresher sweets, which were my favourite as a child. I cannot wait to see how good this is in the bath, I have been waiting months to get it.

Lush is my favourite shop ever at this time of year, so expect a few more hauls closer to Christmas when I pick up some more of the collection as I only made a small order this time. Have you picked up anything from the collection yet? What's your favourite?

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Ruma Salon | Southampton

Friday, 20 November 2015

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I don't visit the salon very often, I rarely go out to get my hair cut as I get it cut from home, and I've always dyed my own hair. On Saturday I popped down to the new Ruma Salon in Burseldon, Southampton for an afternoon pamper. I do love a good pamper and it definitely came at the right time, I have been so stressed lately ahh!

Photo Credit: Lif e Love Lexie
On arrival to the salon, I was greeted with a choice of drinks and cupcakes, I was sold already! After having a tour of the salon, I was actually shocked at how new and luxurious everything was. Whenever I visit salons I always feel like they've kind of let the place go, the interior is never the way I would have it but Ruma have really perfected it. A mix of dark wood and copper details fill the salon, I couldn't have picked it better myself. Every aspect of the salon screamed relaxation at me. 
There was a range of treatment areas, including two special treatment rooms for the more private treatments. Massaging chairs seemed to be the main entertainment for the afternoon, I have to agree that they are weird to start off with but they are so incredibly relaxing, I can 100% recommend them.

Ruma offer a range of services, from hair cuts and styling to shellac nails, from massages to waxing. The salon stock a range of products including Murad, Redken and Pureology, which I haven't tried myself, but I always hear people raving about various products from these brands. 

I was lucky enough to have my nails done by Chloe, I chose to have a gorgeous glittery red shellac manicure*. It was lovely to have someone else do my nails for the first time in forever, I really hate painting my own nails so this was definitely a treat. My nails look gorgeous, Chloe really did them so well and I can't wait to see how long it lasts. I also had my hair played with by Sophie, is it just me that thinks having your hair done is so relaxing? I love people playing with my hair, and when they're making it look nice as well I really can't complain. Sophie went for a waterfall braid round the back of my hair, and then curled the rest over to one side. I actually have no idea how to describe it so I've included a photo, but it just looked so pretty, I was so impressed with her talent! Can I employ someone to do my hair everyday?!

Photo Credit: Lif e Love Lexie
I had a great time checking out the new Ruma salon, its a little paradise to be honest with you! I can't wait to pop down again soon to try out some more of the treatments. All the staff are so lovely and welcoming, I felt so relaxed and comfortable all afternoon. Ruma have now officially launched so if you're in the area, pop down and try out some of their treatments, they are so worth it. 

*Complimentary treatment, but all views are 100% my own opinion.

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50 Youtubers You Should Be Subscribed To

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

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Youtube is something that I really don't watch enough but I do love to sit down in the evening a stick a video on and relax! As my 'Bloggers You Should Follow' post went down well I thought I would share my favourite Youtubers with you, you can read the original post here. There is a range of everything in here and they're in no particular order, I hope you enjoy and find some new channels to watch.

Have you spotted any of your favourites?

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My Blogging Goals

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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Setting goals is so important. I have grown up setting goals for everything, whether it be goals for my eduation, goals for my rugby season or general life goals, I have always had a goal. I find that I function in life a lot better when I have something to work towards. 

The most important thing about setting goals is making them realistic and achievable, but also challenging yourself a little bit. There is no point setting a goal you're never going to achieve, but there also isn't a lot of  point in setting a goal you'll achieve easily. It's all about finding that perfect balance between the two. I've seen a few bloggers setting themselves goals for the end of the year, and it's something I've been meaning to do for a while but my blog took a backseat in life recently. I'm back, motivated like never before, and I've set some goals!

I know the end of the year isn't very far away at all, but these are short term goals. When the new year hits, I'm aiming to set myself some more long term goals, but these will do to keep me motivated until then.

Bloglovin | My aim for Bloglovin was to reach 1500 followers by the end of the year, but life took over and I haven't been blogging as much as I hoped to be, so I've lowered my target. I would love to reach 1400 followers by the end of the year. You can help me reach my goal by following me on Bloglovin here.

Youtube | Youtube is a platform I haven't fully started using yet, I uploaded a video a while ago, but since then I have privated it as I really wasn't happy with the content. By the time this post is live, I may have a video on my channel but I'm not sure yet. It's definitely something I want to venture into, but I want to be 100% happy with my videos before I upload. I currently have 53 subscribers, and my end of year goal is 100. You can subscribe to my youtube here.

Twitter | My favourite platform ever. I definitely enjoy using twitter more than anything, I am constantly on it. It is my most interactive platform, so I find it easier to gain followers quicker. My current follower count is 2400, and my goal for the end of the year is to reach 3000 followers. It's quite a high target, but after looking at my gain stats for Twitter over the past month or so I think I can reach it. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Instagram | My original platform. I had this Instagram way before I had my blog, and it's the reason I started my blog. I don't use it as much as I really should, I just don't enjoy it like I used to, as I've had it for so long a lot of my followers are inactive, and I've dropped nearly 5000 followers which was quite heartbreaking to be honest. I aim to use it a lot more, and get back to the active Instagram I used to be. My follower count currently stands at just over 11,000 followers, and my goal is 12,000. Again, a risky goal, but if I keep up with Instagram and stay active, it can easily be achieved. You can follow me on Instagram here.

Facebook | My least active platform, and the one I find the hardest to gain on. I currently stand on 71 likes, and I just find it impossible to get Facebook likes. This definitely means I don't use it like I should, I am hoping to promote it a bit more, and be active. Hopefully I can reach 100 likes before the end of the year. You can like my Facebook page here.

I hope I can reach all my blogging goals for the end of the year. It would be absolutely incredible to hit them all, so I can start the new year with fresh goals.

Have you set yourself any blogging goals?

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Is Social Media Fake?

Sunday, 8 November 2015

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Ever since the Essena O'Neill outbreak on Instagram, everyone's been going a bit crazy about social media. Is it as real as you are led to believe? Since Essena decided to quit her Instagram, a few others have jumped on the bandwagon, changing their Instagram captions to what really was occuring when they took the photo. Is their logic behind this, or are people searching for their five minutes of fame?

 In reality, Essena's massive outburst of quitting Instagram just caused people to look into her life even more, she's everywhere. This 'perfect' ideal she created is being talked about everywhere, was is a publicity stunt? Why didn't she do the whole ordeal of quitting quietly if she wasn't happy with the way people perceived her life? So many people are jumping up and down and praising her for removing the idea of perfection that she created. but in reality is that what she wanted to happen? 

If Essena didn't want to be addicted to social media, and the idea of social desirability, why has she created a new website? Why has she announced she is writing a book? Her new website will  promote veganism, plant-based nutrition, social issues, gender equality, environmental issues and controversial art. Has she just jumped from one side of the social scale to the other? 

Essena attempted to 'out' Instagram by stating her posts were paid for, that she edited photos, that she only went of for the day to shoot these photos. Nowadays it is easy to spot a sponsored post from a mile away, it is not uncommon knowledge that people are paid to promote. The world is changing, social media is the best form of advertising. Photo editing, wearing outfits just for a photo shoot, trying to create the perfect image for yourself. Does it sound familiar anywhere at all? Essena's scandal would be the equivalent of someone trying to 'out' magazines 10 years ago for being too perfect. Social media is taking over the world, that's a fact. It's up to you how much you let it affect your life though, you have control.

It can be fun to create a different life for yourself on your social media, I'm not going to say I post every aspect of my life on the internet because I don't. I post the things I want people to see. I edit my photos. I use filters. I make things seem better than they are. If you can honestly stand up and say you have never edited a photo, or put a filter on something, then hats off to you but it's just not reality these days. Everyone wants to look at aesthetically pleasing photos, that's a fact. That doesn't mean you have to change the whole concept of the photo, you can still be very real to yourself. 

I believe that social media is what you make it. You choose which parts of your life to include on your social media, you choose what to upload and what you let people believe about your life. Social media is like a scrapbook for yourself, you only post the things you'd want to look back and remember. You are in full control. My social media accounts are a reflection of me. I may take about 50 photos of myself before I post a selfiie, but that's me picking out my own flaws. I do not try to create a sense of perfection, or something for people to be jealous of, what's the point? 

Enjoy your social media, post things for you, and if you don't then quit without causing a massive fuss. Remember you are always in full control.

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October Favourites

Saturday, 7 November 2015

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This year is flying by, it's going to be the end of year before we know it. It's so scary to think there is less than 2 months until 2016. I'm back on the blog with a good old favourites post today. Ocotober has been an incredibly busy month, so I found it quite easy to pick out what I've been reaching for the most.

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Appleyard London Cosy Cranberry

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

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Fresh flowers always make my day, so when these arrived a few weeks ago I was so happy, especially as it was a dull Monday morning! Autumn is my favourite time of year and I just had to find some flowers to match the season.

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October Instagram Catch Up

Monday, 2 November 2015

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October was actually an incredibly busy month for me, which is probably the reason my instagram has been lacking photos lately. I travelled a lot in the last week of October especially but I didn't upload anything, so I think some throwback thursdays will be ocurring pretty soon as I had such a good month. My favourite highlight that's not included in this post was definitely going to Liverpool for football, although one of the coaches got robbed which was awful, but other than that it was an amazing day.

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