Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Seventeen Concealer Duo

Concealer is something that I've been experimenting with lately, I can't ever seem to find one that does the job without the killer price tag. I finally think I've found the perfect duo for me, and guess what there is no killer price tag so I just had to share it with you! I was sceptical about this combination at first, but it has worked wonders on my makeup.

A while back there was an offer in Boots for any 2 Seventeen products for £8 and someone had recommended their Stay Time Concealer to me, so to take advantage of the offer I picked up Phwoarr Paint at the same time. These offers occur quite frequently in Boots, so I'd definitely pick these up on the offer if you can find it! 

At first I totally cringed at the name of the Phwoarr Paint, but quickly remembered that Seventeen's target audience will mainly be teenagers so I think it actually fits the product really well. This concealer has a thick consistency which put me off instantly because I'd never used a thick cream concealer like this and to be honest had no idea how to apply it. After some trialling and learning how to apply it properly I was completely shocked by the results. I thought concealers in the past had covered my dark circles, but this hits another level. I lack sleep very often, and this has worked so well to mask that and make it seem like I've just had a refreshing 8 hour sleep. It's got a tacky texture, but it blends into the skin well and I find this concealer doesn't crease at all under the eyes. It lasts all day, and way into the night with a little top up of powder if you have oily skin like me. This concealer covers blemishes so well too, it's definitely not just an under eye concealer. I'd be careful with drier skin though as the texture is quite thick. I can see me repurchasing this forever.

The Stay Time Concealer is like that Collection Concealer everyone raves to the hills about, but like 10 times better! I used to love the Collection offering but then they changed something in the formula and I fell out of love with it. This concealer has a light creamy liquid like texture, which I prefer to the heavier textures as they just feel so flawless, like you're not wearing any makeup. It has made it's way into my all time favourite concealers so quickly, it covers everything so well without looking cakey at all. I have become so much more confident with my skin because of this concealer, and I don't feel the need to wear foundation everyday which means hello extra 10 minutes in bed for me.

Also Seventeen just launched their Blogger Network, you can read my post all about it here.

What's your holy grail concealer? Have you tried one of these Seventeen offerings?

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