Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumn Lipsticks

It's October which means that I can finally start to bring out my Autumn lipsticks, without people giving me the odd looks for wearing dark lipstick 24/7 for the next 3 months. I love dark berry lipsticks, even though they probably don't suit me, I still attempt to rock them all the time. Anyone else feel like this? As we've reached this time of year, I thought I'd share my top picks with you.. 

I have ventured out into the lipstick world a lot more since last year and I really do have seasonal lipsticks now. I feel like I need to buy some acrylic storage so I can separate them out into their seasons, or at least have my most worn from the current season on top of my dressing table. This sounds like a good plan that my bank balance is going to hate, oops! 

I wanted to include some nudes to take this away from being that traditional post full of pretty berry lipsticks because come on we all have our nude days, don't we? First up in Smashbox's Nylon Nude, I got gifted this lipstick a while back, and at first I couldn't wear it, I thought I looked like concealer lips, but I have learnt to love it and it's one of the best peachy nudes. The second nude is from one of my favourite brands ever, I love Glo & Ray's Tender Lipstick, which is from their La Amo Creamy Shimmer Range. I featured it in a post full of Glo & Ray last month, which you can read here. It's my perfect brown toned nude.

Pinks are something I don't wear at all, I find pink just doesn't suit me, so I love the deeper pink shades that could be classed as kinda light berry shades? I don't know that's just me I think, but we'll roll with it. The two shades I've picked are literally identical, but I love both products for different reasons! First is Rimmel By Kate Moss 05, I love the way this looks on the lips, and how easy it is to wear. I can pull this look off everyday which I just love for those days where I want more colour but don't want to go all out. The formulation is great, it applies to the lips evenly and is really moisturising. It doesn't have an amazing wear time, but I find that it leaves a tint on your lips that is just beautiful. The other shade is Burts Bees' Hawaiian Smoulder Lip Crayon, it is literally exactly the same lip product, except it has a thinner formulation than the Rimmel offering, and I find it easier to apply in the pencil. I love the lighter formation for days where I need some colour, but I don't want to feel it on my lips. It feels like a balm on the lips but gives incredible pigmentation.

Now onto my favourites! Is it surprising that all 3 are from MAC? These 3 shades are shades that everyone raves about, and I've probably raved about them all 100 times. I am just in love with everything about them, the formula, the colour pay off, the wear time, and how I attempt to look good in them. I use the word attempt there, you see. MAC's Russian Red is my newest shade to add to my list, it's a lovely deep red matte shade, which I find drying as hell on the lips but that's nothing a little lip balm can't solve. Dry lips are so worth it for this shade. Diva and Rebel are both shades that appeared in last years Autumn Lipsticks post, which you can read here. I just can't let go of these two, they are my ultimate Autumn top two. 

What are your top Autumn shades?

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