How To: Add A Scrolling Instagram Widget To Your Blog

Saturday, 10 October 2015

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Instagram is an app that I can scroll through for hours, so I thought why not add this scrolling prettiness to my blog. A few weeks ago I made a few tweaks to my blog, which included adding a scrolling banner Instagram widget to the top of my blog, under my header. I personally prefer this to one that I used to have in my sidebar as it adds more colour to my blog and is instantly seen by the reader without them having to scroll down my blog or look in my sidebar. A few people tweeted me asking how I added it, so I thought I would write a post as it might be helpful to a few people.

How To: Add A Scrolling Instagram Widget To Your Blog
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10 Free Fonts For Bloggers And Creatives #2

Thursday, 8 October 2015

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As my first fonts post was such a hit with all of you, I thought I'd make a #2! I spend a lot of time searching for fonts, it's kind of an obsession now. I am definitely a font hoarder, and it's even better when they're free. 

10 Free Fonts For Bloggers And Creatives #2

Fonts can all look beautiful in very different ways, if you're not completely happy with a font play around with the spacing, or change to using uppercase letters. Simple things like that really can make all the difference. 

What's your favourite font at the moment? I'd love to discover some more!

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50 Bloggers You Should All Follow

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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Reading blogs has got to be one of my favourite things to do to pass the time at the moment, and I am loving SO many blogs. I thought I'd put together a post to share a few of the blogs I'm currently loving, then I realised I couldn't narrow it down to aroung 10, so now you have 50 to choose from! There is a range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle in there, as I love a mix of everything. They're in no particular order at all, come on guys do you think I have my life together enough to sort them into an order?! I hope you discover some amazing new reads, and maybe spot a few of your current favourites too!

Image Source: Passion For Fashion

Jasmine Harding Makeup
Jasmine Talks Beauty
Mollie Manning
The Love Cats Inc
A Yellow Brick Blog
Becky Bedbug
The Life Of JKS
Pint Sized Beauty
Ravishing Roses
Porcelain Beauty
Je Suis Cat
Chapters of Kat
Phases of Robyn
Emily Rose
Creepers and Cupcakes
Very Berry Cosmo
Brogan Tate xo 
Dream in Pink
Thee Limited Edition 
It's Little Lauren's Looks
Hanna Talks
Lipgloss and Lashes
The Sunday Girl
Frock Me I'm Famous
See The Stars
A Girl Obsessed
Rachel Coco
Charmed Charlee
British Beauty Addict
Coco Chic
Describe The Sky
From Roses
Style and Splurging
Beth Blogs Beauty
She Might Be Loved
London Beauty Queen
Pearls and Poodles
Hayleigh JM
Annie Writes Beauty
Katies World of Beauty
I Covet Thee
Fashion Influx
Georgia Louise Beauty
Through Chelsea's Eyes
Beauty and The Chic
Avenue De Sophie
Jodie Melissa
Mode Madeleine 

After writing this post I realised that I love more than 50 blogs, so if you'd like a '50 Bloggers You Should Follow #2' please let me know as I have so many more than I am dying to share with you! I have forgotten so many beautiful blogs, so I am so sure that there will be a second post as I just love to share the love at the moment.

Did you spot any of your current favourites or find any new reads? Leave me some recommendations in the comments below too, I love discovering new reads!

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Seventeen Concealer Duo

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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Concealer is something that I've been experimenting with lately, I can't ever seem to find one that does the job without the killer price tag. I finally think I've found the perfect duo for me, and guess what there is no killer price tag so I just had to share it with you! I was sceptical about this combination at first, but it has worked wonders on my makeup.

A while back there was an offer in Boots for any 2 Seventeen products for £8 and someone had recommended their Stay Time Concealer to me, so to take advantage of the offer I picked up Phwoarr Paint at the same time. These offers occur quite frequently in Boots, so I'd definitely pick these up on the offer if you can find it! 

At first I totally cringed at the name of the Phwoarr Paint, but quickly remembered that Seventeen's target audience will mainly be teenagers so I think it actually fits the product really well. This concealer has a thick consistency which put me off instantly because I'd never used a thick cream concealer like this and to be honest had no idea how to apply it. After some trialling and learning how to apply it properly I was completely shocked by the results. I thought concealers in the past had covered my dark circles, but this hits another level. I lack sleep very often, and this has worked so well to mask that and make it seem like I've just had a refreshing 8 hour sleep. It's got a tacky texture, but it blends into the skin well and I find this concealer doesn't crease at all under the eyes. It lasts all day, and way into the night with a little top up of powder if you have oily skin like me. This concealer covers blemishes so well too, it's definitely not just an under eye concealer. I'd be careful with drier skin though as the texture is quite thick. I can see me repurchasing this forever.

The Stay Time Concealer is like that Collection Concealer everyone raves to the hills about, but like 10 times better! I used to love the Collection offering but then they changed something in the formula and I fell out of love with it. This concealer has a light creamy liquid like texture, which I prefer to the heavier textures as they just feel so flawless, like you're not wearing any makeup. It has made it's way into my all time favourite concealers so quickly, it covers everything so well without looking cakey at all. I have become so much more confident with my skin because of this concealer, and I don't feel the need to wear foundation everyday which means hello extra 10 minutes in bed for me.

Also Seventeen just launched their Blogger Network, you can read my post all about it here.

What's your holy grail concealer? Have you tried one of these Seventeen offerings?

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Autumn Lipsticks

Monday, 5 October 2015

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It's October which means that I can finally start to bring out my Autumn lipsticks, without people giving me the odd looks for wearing dark lipstick 24/7 for the next 3 months. I love dark berry lipsticks, even though they probably don't suit me, I still attempt to rock them all the time. Anyone else feel like this? As we've reached this time of year, I thought I'd share my top picks with you.. 

I have ventured out into the lipstick world a lot more since last year and I really do have seasonal lipsticks now. I feel like I need to buy some acrylic storage so I can separate them out into their seasons, or at least have my most worn from the current season on top of my dressing table. This sounds like a good plan that my bank balance is going to hate, oops! 

I wanted to include some nudes to take this away from being that traditional post full of pretty berry lipsticks because come on we all have our nude days, don't we? First up in Smashbox's Nylon Nude, I got gifted this lipstick a while back, and at first I couldn't wear it, I thought I looked like concealer lips, but I have learnt to love it and it's one of the best peachy nudes. The second nude is from one of my favourite brands ever, I love Glo & Ray's Tender Lipstick, which is from their La Amo Creamy Shimmer Range. I featured it in a post full of Glo & Ray last month, which you can read here. It's my perfect brown toned nude.

Pinks are something I don't wear at all, I find pink just doesn't suit me, so I love the deeper pink shades that could be classed as kinda light berry shades? I don't know that's just me I think, but we'll roll with it. The two shades I've picked are literally identical, but I love both products for different reasons! First is Rimmel By Kate Moss 05, I love the way this looks on the lips, and how easy it is to wear. I can pull this look off everyday which I just love for those days where I want more colour but don't want to go all out. The formulation is great, it applies to the lips evenly and is really moisturising. It doesn't have an amazing wear time, but I find that it leaves a tint on your lips that is just beautiful. The other shade is Burts Bees' Hawaiian Smoulder Lip Crayon, it is literally exactly the same lip product, except it has a thinner formulation than the Rimmel offering, and I find it easier to apply in the pencil. I love the lighter formation for days where I need some colour, but I don't want to feel it on my lips. It feels like a balm on the lips but gives incredible pigmentation.

Now onto my favourites! Is it surprising that all 3 are from MAC? These 3 shades are shades that everyone raves about, and I've probably raved about them all 100 times. I am just in love with everything about them, the formula, the colour pay off, the wear time, and how I attempt to look good in them. I use the word attempt there, you see. MAC's Russian Red is my newest shade to add to my list, it's a lovely deep red matte shade, which I find drying as hell on the lips but that's nothing a little lip balm can't solve. Dry lips are so worth it for this shade. Diva and Rebel are both shades that appeared in last years Autumn Lipsticks post, which you can read here. I just can't let go of these two, they are my ultimate Autumn top two. 

What are your top Autumn shades?

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Seventeen Blogger Network

Sunday, 4 October 2015

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Seventeen are a brand that I've recently been introduced to, but I'm yet to find a product that I dislike. Back in August I fell in love with their Stay Time Concealer, so when I got an email about their Blogger Network I signed up straight away! 

Seventeen Blogger Network

Seventeen have launched their Blogger Network to give us the opportunity to share our posts with a wider audience, and gives you the ability to be the first to see new product launches. After signing up I recieved a box of goodies that I have been so excited to try out, so I thought I'd so some mini first impressions on the products before I fully review them!

This is the first contour and highlight kit I've ever tried, as I've only ever bought a contour and blush duo, so it was nice to try something new. On first swatch the powders are very pigmented and blend really well into the skin. I love the highlight shade, and the contour shade is perfect for my pale skin, which is something I find hard to match when contouring. I cannot wait to play with this a bit more to create some structure to my non existent cheek bones.

First of all, I am in love with the packaging for these lipsticks! I'm a sucker for a black bullet, but I love the fact that there's a pattern on it, with different textures. All Seventeen's packaging is so pretty, but I especially love these, so simple. The pigmentation of the lipsticks is fab, and they apply to the lips evenly and aren't drying at all. Date Night is a deep red shade, a perfect Autumn shade for me, and Delinquent is a bright fuschia pink! It's not something I wear very often, but I'm gonna give it a go. I can't wait to review these in full with swatches to show how gorgeous they are.

I added this into my September Favourites, which you can read here, as I've just been loving it so much! The Skin Wow Primer is a 3 way highlighter which you can use mixed with your foundation, as a base primer or as a highlight. I have mainly been using it on my cheekbones as a highlight as it gives such a gorgeous glow. I'd never tried a liquid highlighter but this has opened my eyes to the liquid world and I am in love, it applies so naturally and isn't too over the top. I cannot wait to continue using this.

You can sign up to the Blogger Network here. Full reviews of the products will be up in the future, with swatches, so keep an eye out for those! 

Have you signed up to the Seventeen Blogger Network yet?

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*Contains PR samples or products sent for review, but all opinions are my own.

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Hangbag Essentials

Thursday, 1 October 2015

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I recently bought a new handbag, and I didn't want to clutter it up with rubbish like all my other handbags, so I've put together a few essentials that will stay in there and hopefully keep my bag from becoming a rubbish pit! I obviously have other things in my bag, but these are my main items that I thought I would share with you!

Hand cream was the first thing on my list, I am useless at keeping my hands moisutrised so I'm hoping that if I keep this tube of  I Love.. Mango and Papaya Hand Lotion* in my bag that I'll spot it and remember to apply! It contains shea butter which I love, and smells absolutely incredible! Next up is a body spray or perfume, my current favourite is from The Body Shop Christmas Collection, so it's not available anymore. It's the Vanilla Brulee Room and Body Spray, vanilla is my all time favourite scent so this had to make it's way into my bag. It was quite cheap so I don't mind spraying it more often than perfumes which is something I always do with whatever scent I have in my bag, it also lasts ages too.

When I'm out and about I can get quite hot and flustered and I always feel like my makeup is sliding all over my face, so I like to carry a setting spray with me. My pick has to be the Makeup Revoltuion Oil Control Fixing Spray*, which I reviewed in full here, so I won't go on about it too much. This spray is so cool on the face and really keeps your makeup in place throughout the day. I love this to just give my makeup a refreshed look, like it's just been applied.

I really dislike germs. I don't feel like I have to keep my hands clean all the time, but I'm not a fan of them feeling dirty so I like to carry an anti-bacterial gel around in my bag. I Love.. is a brand that seem to be smashing everything at the moment, I love all their products, pardon the pun! When I saw they'd released I Love.. Hand Gels* I wanted to get my hands on them as the only ones I really like are the Bath and Body Works ones, and I don't live in America so getting them can be a pain. These are on a level with Bath and Body Works, they smell so sweet and don't leave your hands smelling like you've just split a bottle of vodka over yourself. Raspberry and Blackberry is my favourite out of the four scents, but I can only find the Strawberries and Cream online here.

My other non-beauty essentials include a pair of headphones, tissues, hair ties, a notebook and a pen. I make lists everywhere I go so the notebook really is essential, as I prefer to physically write things than to type them into the notes on my phone.

What are your handbag essentials?

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*Contains PR samples or products sent for review, but all opinions are my own.

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