September Instagram Catch Up

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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Instagram is an app that I love using, and I really want to put more lifestyle type posts on my blog, so I'm going to be doing an 'Catch Up' from my Instagram at the end of every month. I really enjoy reflecting back on a month of photos, and here are my September highlights:

1. I kicked off the month with a gorgeous Lush bath using the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. I couldn't have wished to kick off the month any other way; pretty colours surrounding me and a glass of wine in hand.

2. My Naked Smoky palette arrived, I am completely head over heels for this palette. Isn't it beautiful?!

3. I popped into Winchester for a spot of shopping and fell in love with this jacket. It's still on my mind, that means I can justify buying it, right?

4. A Glo & Ray delivery to switch up my makeup for Autumn. Look at those nudes.

5. I attempted to be a fashion blogger, I don't do the whole posing thing, but I'm not too shabby am I?

6. I seem to find myself shopping a lot, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of these NARS foundations. The shade range is to die for.

7. I headed to London for the final day of London Fashion Weekend with my boyfriend and had the best day ever. I love London and the catwalk show was incredible! I will be shopping the catwalk asap.

8. The Maybelline area at LFWEnd was so dreamy, I love the lights hanging from everywhere, and those roses! I want some for my bedroom, absolutely stunning stand. 

9. My September makeup favourites, I've been playing around a lot this month and am loving matte eyeshadows! 

What have you all been up to this month?
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September Favourites

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

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This is my first favourites post of the year, oops. Bad blogger alert! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone though, it's October this week this is crazy. This time last year I was limping around after partially tearing a ligament in my knee, I can now walk properly again and I'm so close to playing sport again, how time flies. Anyway, back to the favourites..

I love reading favourites posts as much as I love writing them. They are probably the best post to read, I just like seeing what everyone else is loving and finding new products to buy; sorry bank balance! This month I've been using a lot of new products, but I actually haven't bought anything new! I've been using everything from my beauty haul back in August, and rediscovering products I'd completely forgotten about!

First up is the Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements Palette* I have owned this palette for so long, but it's just been hidden away in my stash. Earlier this month I found my love for matte eyeshadows so frantically went searching for more matte palettes and dug out this one! It contains 11 mattes and 1 shimmer highlight shade, which has been perfect to create all the matte looks I've wanted over the past month. This will be reviewed in full with swatches, so I'll keep you posted! 

My foundation of the month has been Glo & Ray's Nebulae Foundation* which I reviewed yesterday, so I won't go on about it, but you can read the full review here. I am awful at just wearing the same nail polish 24/7 so I picked up some new ones and I am loving Barry M's Pomegranate from their Gelly Range, it is so different to the deeper berry shades I'd currently be wearing but I just can't get enough of it. Again with lip shades, I always end up wearing deep berry shades, so I ventured out in my stash and picked out the Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder*. It is so easy to apply, dries matte on the lips but is so moisturising and lasts so long. I'd describe it as a traditional deep pink shade, as it's not in your face like a hot pink, and it's so wearable for an everyday look.

The next two products are both from Seventeen which is a brand I've just been introduced to, and I'm yet to find a product I don't like! This month's favourites have been the  Seventeen Stay Time Concealer and the Seventeen Skin Wow Primer*. The concealer is probably one of the best that I've tried, it blends flawlessly and doesn't crease at all which makes it perfect for under the eyes. I have the lightest shade which is great for my pale skin too, I am so used to drugstore concealers being too dark so it was nice to find a lighter offering. The Skin Wow Primer is a 3 way highlighter which you can use mixed with your foundation, as a base primer or as a highlight. I have mainly been using it on my cheekbones as a highlight as it gives such a gorgeous glow. I'd never tried a liquid highlighter but this has opened my eyes to the liquid world and I am in love, it applies so naturally and isn't too over the top.

It's feels so good to be back with the favourites posts, and hopefully I'll keep them up for the rest of the year! We all know A/W favourites are the best anyway!

What products are in your September Favourites?

*Contains PR samples or products sent for review, but all opinions are my own.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

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Foundation is a product that I've kinda always stuck to one brand. I found a foundation that worked so thought "if it ain't broke, why fix it?". This was possibly the best option for me as my bank account didn't suffer due to it being a drugstore brand. Since then I've learnt that quite frankly my foundation was broke and I should've fixed it, I have tried so many foundations since venturing out more into the makeup world, and Glo & Ray's Nebulae Foundation* is making it quite high up the list...

When I first got this foundation I was expecting a completely matte finish, due to the packaging being matte. Foundation wise I love a good matte so was eager to try, only to realise this foundation actually leaves a glowing dewy finish, but I was not disappointed. I usually find dewy foundations slip off my face and make me look terrible, but this offering from Glo & Ray actually blended flawlessly into my skin and sat all day long. 

This foundation comes with a pump, thank the lord, who ever thought foundations shouldn't come with a pump?! I find that one pump is enough to cover the whole face leaving a natural healthy glow, which I also thought kind of gave the skin a blurred look which worked wonders for my skin. I have the palest shade as I have pretty pale skin and never tan, stupid England, but it is the perfect match for my skin and this foundation will blend with your natural skin tone to give an even colour.  I'd say this foundation has a medium coverage, but can definitely be built up to a heavier coverage. 

I am always the one who forgets to moisturise before applying makeup, ew gross I know, but this foundation is so moisturising and full of nourishing ingredients that I feel like I don't have to moisturise. Good news for lazy forgetful people like me. I promise I'm getting better though. 

I wouldn't think twice about paying £23 for this foundation, I absolutely love it. It's definitely my most used foundation at the moment which is odd because as soon as it hits Autumn I'm usually all about the fully matte look, I guess times are changing. I don't think I'll find a dewy foundation that lives up to my expectations like this one.

What's your go to Autumn foundation?

*Contains PR samples or products sent for review, but all opinions are my own.
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Thursday, 17 September 2015

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Recently I have been getting more into my skincare, and I'm so happy to say I have completely ditched the makeup wipes. This surprises me a lot because before they were something I couldn't live without, bad beauty blogger I know but they were just so easy. That was until I found out that skincare routines don't actually take much longer than using multiple makeup wipes to attempt to remove the daily makeup.

I have picked up a few cleansers recently to remove my makeup, but the one I've been loving the most is the Ark Skincare Age Protect Clear Cleanser*. I trialled a sample of this cleanser last year when I wasn't overly into my skincare but I wasn't fussed by it, I felt like it wasn't doing anything due to the fact that it didn't lather up very much. I was pretty clueless back then, but since trying it again I have learnt a lot, and I have fallen in love with this cleanser. It is a soap-free cleanser, which I have learnt to love because I usually do love something that you can see is working on your skin, but my skin feels so clean and fresh after using this cleanser. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and tight like I've found other cleansers do.

This cleanser has many ingredients that help keep your skin clear, including Oat Amino Acids to wash away skin's impurities without damaging the skin's natural barrier, and White Tea which is an anti-microbial that protects skin from spots and free radicals. It has been designed with young skin in mind, to keep your skin young for as long as possible. The whole Age Protect range is amazing, I love every product as it all works wonders on my skin. They also do Age Defend and Age Defy ranges for older ages.

The bottle is priced at £24, which may seem a lot for a cleanser but it is so worth it. I find with skincare that the higher end products are 99% usually better than drugstore alternatives, which is so different to the makeup world. Skincare is something I'm willing to splurge on as I like knowing what I'm putting on my face, and higher end brands are usually better for your skin. I use one pump per cleanse, which is enough to take off all face makeup. I do like to double cleanse if I'm wearing particularly stubborn makeup so I either use this twice, or pair it with another cleanser to leave my skin fully clean and free from the makeup I wore that day.

If you listen to any of my advice it would be to ditch those makeup wipes, they are doing nothing at all for your skin, and pick up this cleanser from Ark Skincare.

What is your skincare holy grail at the moment?
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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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Last month the Lush Oxford Street Exclusives hit Lush stores all over the country, which obviously meant that every Lush store was now the place to be. I went haulin', you can read my post here. After the collection hit stores I was invited down to Lush Southampton for a more exclusive evening revealing the new collection, explaining the new products, and also unveiling the new haircare products. 

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch
Photo Credit: Jess

The staff at Lush had put on an amazing fruit bar for us to snack on through the evening, and the drinks station was inspired by the new Layer Cake soap, there was different flavours of drinks and you could mix and match to make the perfect drink. I'm pretty boring so I stuck to one flavour, but a few of the girls experimented the layering process and it looked so cool!

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Facemasks

Lush face masks are one of my favourite products, so I obviously had to include a photo. The bright blue face mask is a new one, the Don't Look At Me Face Mask. It has an exfoliating texture, but it's full of a rich nourishing butter to leave the skin looking fresh, and lots of zingy lemon juice to tone your complexion. I am definitely going to pick this up next time I'm in store, I love exfoliators, and I love the idea of an exfoliating face mask.

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Pink Flamingo
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Intergalactic
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Frozen
Photo Credit: Jess

After filling up on layered drinks and the fruit bar, we had the option to try the new bath bombs or take a look at the haircare range. I'm a sucker for watching bath bombs fizz away so I obviously headed that way. We tried The Experimenter, Intergalactic, Yoga Bomb and Frozen, I'm not going to go into huge detail about them all, but there's a few photos below in the post or on my Instagram displaying what they all look like. I can confirm they are all incredible and you need every single one. 

We then gave three of the new bubble bars a whirl. First up we tried Milky Bath which turns your bath a love white colour, and it's full of milk which is great for the skin. Then we popped the Granny Takes a Dip Bubble Bar in a jug and swirled it around, which actually disappointed me as it turned a murky green brown colour, whereas the bath bomb used to turn amazing colours. Last up is the only permanent bubble bar wand, Pink Flamingo, there's not a lot to say, it's pink what do you expect. It creates a lot of bubbles with little product used so it's worth the money, it also smells fab.

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch The Experimenter
The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Photo Credit: Jess

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch Yoga Bomb
Yoga Bomb Bath BombPhoto Credit: Jess

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Making
Photo Credit: Jess

The last thing the Lush staff had planned for us was to make our own bubble bars. I was super excited to do this as I've never made a bubble bar, and it was so interesting to see the process of making them and what ingredients go into the product. We made the Creamy Candy bubble bar which has just been reformulated to achieve a brighter pink colour in the bath. It's ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, fair trade organic cocoa butter, cornflour, almond oil, fairtrade vanilla absolute, and a few other technical products that create the bubbles. After the mixture was made we were all given a bit to make our own Creamy Candy Bubble Bar in whatever shape we want, I went for the traditional shaped bubble bar and think it actually came out pretty well. I can't wait to use my very own bubble bar!

Lush Summer Event Oxford Street Launch
Photo Credit: Jess

At the end of the event we had some shopping time, but as I'd just done a bit of a Lush haul, I left my bankcard at home so I didn't go outrageous. Whilst everyone was shopping I headed over to the haircare area, and completely fell in love with their new Avocado Co-Wash Solid Shampoo, I haven't tried a solid shampoo before but I think this might be my first. It smells absolutely incredible, I want my room to smell like this, so I may just have to buy some to scent my room! I am going to pick some of this up along side the face mask I mentioned earlier on my next trip to Lush.

I had a lovely evening with my blogging girls, it was nice to learn a bit about the new Lush haircare range as I'm usually only intrigued by their bath products. I guess it's just one more addiction to spend my money on, oops! The event was so well planned, I had so much fun. We all left with an amazing goody bag that I completely forgot to photograph for this post,so I'll upload a separate post with reviews once I've tried everything. A massive thankyou to Lush Southampton!

What Lush products have you picked up recently? 

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

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Why stop working for that summer beach body just because summer is over? Why not prepare for next summer already? As people say, the earlybird catches the worm. No one wants to be doing crazy diets and workouts when they realise summer is just round the corner and they still look like they did the last time they said they'd have that summer body. 
Today I'm sharing my tips on how to motivate yourself to have a health kick. This could be anything from a major health kick when you completely revaluate your life and everything you've ever done, to the tiniest change in your life like eating more fruit. It doesn't matter how small, every step makes a difference.

  • Keeping track of what you're eating is a great way to see how you're progressing, I'm not saying count every calorie as that can become unhealthy as you become obsessed with it, but keep a track of the main meals you eat. My favourite app to do this is My Fitness Pal.
  • Seeing that you've had an healthy day/week can motivate you to maintain it, or having an unhealthy period can motivate you to get back on track.
  • Try not to snack between meals, especially during 1-4pm, as these are the times that our bodies crave carbs and everything unhealthy to get us through the day but in reality we don't need them. Swap that chocolate bar for some fruit.
  • Eating junk food may be quick and easy, but it's not a quick and easy to process to burn it all off, it's ok to have a cheat day, just maybe not a cheat year. Take the time to prepare healthy meals, it doesn't take as long as you think.
  • Having a cheat day is not failing. It's perfectly healthy and it's ok to do it, everyone has cheat days.
  • Don't force feed yourself something you don't like just because it's healthy. Find the foods you enjoy eating and make meals out of them, you will enjoy healthy eating a lot more this way.

  • Don't work yourself too hard. If you can feel yourself being worn out, take a step back a little. There is nothing worse than fatiguing yourself, which could lead to days or weeks away from working out.
  • Working out to an upbeat music playlist will motivate you to work harder.
  • Create a schedule, plan your workouts. Having a plan will motivate you to do the workout more than if you decide what to do at the time. 
  • Join a fitness class, working out with people to a planned routine is great motivation.
  • Change your normal routine, incorporate more indoor work outs so you're not affected by the weather, going swimming is a great alternative in the colder months and is really a great full body toning workout.
  • Buy some new work out clothes, this is something I've recently done. I may have spent a little bit too much money, but new work out clothes will leave you feeling fab and ready to for that health kick. New Look's Sportswear Range is absolutely kicking it at the moment, I picked up this gorgeous pair of Abstract Print Leggings, and they are so comfy to work out in. Alongside the Blue Geo Print Leggings, I think I'm going a bit crazy with print at the moment! 
  • Find a work out partner, you can motivate each other and help each other reach your goals. 

What's your tip for a healthy autumn?

*This post was written in collaboration with New Look, but all views are my own.
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Monday, 14 September 2015

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Last payday I found myself depart on a rather long shopping trip, I popped into town to pick up an outfit, and 5 hours later half my bank balance was gone. It was probably the largest sum of money I've spent in such a long time, I haven't been out splurging a lot over the past few months, so it was definitely due at some point. I picked up a hell of a lot of clothes but I also picked up some beauty items, so I thought I'd do a haul for you. I love reading hauls and they always make me want to buy everything, so keep your purses hidden!

My first stop was The Body Shop, the only makeup item I've ever owned from there is the Honey Bronzer so I thought it was time I picked up something new, and a few skincare bits too. I originally walked in hoping to buy their Radiant Highlighter but they were all out of stock, so I picked up Instablur and they had a buy one get one half price on all skincare and makeup so obviously I had to find something else. I have seen so many people rave about The Body Shop's cleansers, so I got the Camomile Cleansing Butter to try out. I can't wait to try both the products out and see if they should be as hyped up as they are!

Next I popped into Topshop to see what they had to offer, there wasn't a huge selection as it was quite a small store, but they had some lipsticks so I swatched away until I found some I liked the look of. I walked away with Rio Rio, a bright red, and Infrared, a bright red toned orange. Both of them are colours I wouldn't normally wear very often as bright and orange are two words you wouldn't ever use to describe my makeup, but they're absolutely gorgeous so I'm gonna give them a go. Hopefully you'll see me wearing them a lot over my social media sites. Either that or they'll sit in my drawer for 6 months, we'll see.

Lastly, I found myself in Boots, dangerous I know. I walked in with the aim to walk out with a mascara and a mascara only, of course that didn't happen. I picked up six items, which is only five more than I planned to leave with, so it wasn't overly bad. I picked up my holy grail mascara at the moment, which is Max Factors False Lash Effect Mascara, I love this mascara so much. It lengthens and separates lashes perfectly with no clumping, it's brilliant. I needed a new concealer and I'd seen a few people saying they compared the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer to the Collection one, so I picked up Stay Time and Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint for the more stubborn blemishes and under eyes. Foundation was next on the list as I walked round and I knew I had to try the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation, so that dropped into my basket. Nail varnish is something I seem to own a lot of, but I always wear the same shades, as autumn is approaching us I spotted two colours I think I'll love wearing over the next few months which are Barry M Jelly's Pomegranate and Satsuma. Then I spotted Guava and I knew I just had to get it, I may not wear it much at the moment, but when I start wearing it, it will be my signature nail polish, I love the blue green colour. Pomergranate is a lovely deep pink toned burgundy, it's lighter than the average burgundy I wear all year round so it's a slight change. Satsuma is a red toned orange which I want to be a staple for me this autumn, but again with orange I'm a bit hit and miss, so I'll have to see how I get on with it.

I'm definitely going to have to save for a little bit so I can go on another massive splurge, and hopefully buy more beauty than clothes next time!

Have you been beauty haulin' lately?
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Sunday, 13 September 2015

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About a month ago The Body Shop launched a new collection, The Spa of The World collection. I was invited down to The Body Shop in Southampton with my blogging girls to take a sneak peek at the collection, and test out the products we were most interested in. The store has also recently been refurbished and I am loving the new look, it's full of positive thoughts, like the 'Love Your Body' photo below. 

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event
Photo Credit: Jess

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event
Photo Credit: Jess

We were greeted by some lovely staff, who offered us complimentary drinks and some strawberries to snack on. I definitely kept going back to this table a lot throughout the evening, they were so refreshing! After we'd had a chat with the staff we all wandered off round the store, obviously picking up every new product, and our old favourites, to smell and test. I can tell you now that the Spa of The World collection smells absolutely incredible, there is definitely something for everyone too. 

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Japanese Camellia Cream
Photo Credit: Jess

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil
Photo Credit: Jess

 It features three different ranges; Relaxing, Revitalising and Blissful. All the collections are inspired by beauty treatments around the world, but the products give you the ability to have these traditional spas in the comfort of your own bathroom. They all include a variety of different products, including, bath milk, creams, massage oils, masks and exfoliants. By the end of the night my favourite products out of the ranges have to be the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay, the Hawaiian Kukui Cream and the Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Colour Crush Nail Varnishes

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Fuji Green Tea Range
Photo Credit: Jess

After taking our time looking at all the new products we were offered hand massages, facials and the chance to get our nails painted. Who can turn down a free pamper session? I had an amazing hand massage, using the new collection, my hand felt so soft afterwards and it was so relaxing. I need massages more often. The brush that was used to apply the clay mask was the softest brush I have ever felt in my life, I may need to purchase one for applying face masks, we all need a little bit of luxury in our lives. 

 I then popped over to the nail painting station as my current nail varnish was heavily chipped and I was due to repaint them the next day, so I thought I'd try out one of The Body Shop's Colour Crush Nail Varnishes. I picked the shade 120 which is Relish The Moment. It's a lovely red shade, not too bright and not too dark. It was so nice to have someone else paint my nails for a change, and they were definitely done a lot better than I could ever attempt at home. 

Whilst I was taking a wander round the store for the last time I spotted their Fuji Green Tea Range, this isn't something in their new collection, but I think it's quite new to The Body Shop. It's definitely a range that I'd like to try in the future, I think it smells so fresh. Perfect for a pick me up in these colder months to come.

The Body Shop Southampton Spa Of The World Event Bloggers
Photo Credit: Jess

I had a great evening down at The Body Shop with the rest of my blogging girls, the staff were extremely helpful and there for our every need. We were all handed a bag of samples and a few discounts too, which was a nice way to end the event. I may have to go on a little shopping spree with the discounts, I am eyeing up a few products already. 

What's your favourite The Body Shop product?
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

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Glo and Ray are a brand that I hadn't heard of until I entered the blogging world, and I'm so unsure why more people don't know about them because their products are some of the best I've ever tried. Last year I reviewed one of their Mariposa Golden Dunes Palette*, which you can read here. If you haven't heard of Glo and Ray I recommend that you go and google them asap; after you've read this post obviously! 

I have recently had two packages drop through my door from Glo and Ray, I'm still testing out the products but I couldn't wait to share what I got with you! They have also redesigned their lipstick packaging for Autumn, which I am in love with, as it isn't a matte black packaging like they usually have.

Glo and Ray have two foundations to offer, their Nebulae foundation and their CC Foundation. The Nebulae Foundation* offers a powder finish to achieve a flawless, dewy complexion that looks radiant and natural. The CC Foundation* has colour correcting properties that disguises pores and naturally brightens skin to ensure blemishes and imperfections are covered, leaving you with a radiant complexion. Both of them sound like my ideal foundations from the descriptions, I'll be putting them to the test and reviewing them fully.

The next exciting product is their newly designed lipsticks! They are from the La-Amo Shimmer range. I have two of the new shades for Autumn, both are nude, but there are many shades in the range to try. The packaging is a bright glossy red, which I love as it's so different to a typical black bullet. They really stand out in my makeup collection now, and I'll definitely be reaching for these a lot more now. 

 First up is Tender*, which is a brown toned nude. I think this shade is perfect for Autumn, so matches the new packaging perfectly. The second shade is Honey*, which is a more pink toned nude; a your lips but better shade. It as a slight shimmer to it, but it's nothing noticeable, I'd say it's a cremesheen finish. I can see myself loving both of these nudes a lot this season. Glo and Ray lipsticks all have a good wear time, I find myself able to wear them throughout the day without reapplying. I feel like nude shades come off the lips more easily, so I may reapply once or twice during the day but it isn't always necessary. A good lip liner underneath increases the wear time by far. 

Stick around for the reviews of the foundations, they'll be up asap.

Have you tried anything by Glo and Ray?

*Contains PR samples or products sent for review, but all opinions are my own.
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Friday, 11 September 2015

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Autumn Beauty Wishlist New Releases 2015 NARS Urban Decay Anastasia Beverly Hills Zoeva Charlotte Tilbury Review

   Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that just looks inredible no matter what the product is. Their packaging is amazing and so luxurious, everything is a complete beauty. I was browsing through their website, window shopping as I don't own anything from them yet and I came across the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette - Vintage Vamp. It is my idea of a perfect autumn palette. It contains two burgundy shades, a gold and a light champange colour. The gold shade stands out to me so much in this palette, and I would pair it with one of the two burgundy shades for the perfect autumn eye look.

NARS Sheer Glow has been on my wishlist since forever. If you've read my blog for a long time you will know I am dying to try this foundation, I'm not sure why I haven't picked it up yet but it seems I always forget and pick up something else before it. I am determined to buy this before Christmas seeing as so many people class it as their holy grail at this time of year.

Anyone who has good eyebrows seems to be using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade lately, that totally gives me a reason to buy it? I want good eyebrows. I will be eyebrow goals one day, I hope this can help me in that goal.

I love both of the Urban Decay palettes I already own, and I'm going through a crazy matte phase at the moment, coming from the girl who has always been an 100% shimmers girl no matter what the occasion. This means that I now need the Urban Decay Naked Basics to match my Naked Basics 2. I love the palette I already have, but I would love another selection of mattes to choose from when I go through this crazy phase again.

If you haven't seen a set of Zoeva brushes you've been living under a rock. They are absolutely everywhere, they have taken the blogging world by storm and everyone wants to own a set of these beautiful brushes. I would own every set if I could, they're just so instagramable, and that's what matters right? The Zoeva Golden Luxury Set Vol 2 is a set that includes everything I think I need to do a full face of makeup so it's the perfect set, and it's great value for money.

With strobing being the in thing at the moment, it only seems right to actually attempt this once over the next few months. I am still looking for my holy grail highlight and I had a hard choice picking between this and MAC's Soft and Gentle, but I love the idea of a liquid highlighter and feel you can achieve a more glowy look with it. I am lusting over the Nars Illuminator in Copacabana  at the moment. I love the fact that you can use it as a full on highlight, or mix it in with your foundation for a more subtle glow.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

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I lie, I didn't actually make my way to Lush Oxford Street, but who doesn't love a good Lush haul? After finding out Lush had released some of their Oxford Street Exclusives into stores across the UK I made my way to my nearest Lush pretty quickly! I visited the Exeter store, it was my first time there and all the staff were lovely and helpful, and probably made me buy more than I should have, oops! I literally smelt everything, it is all amazing and I would've bought all the products if I could!

Oxford Street Lush Haul The Experimenter Bath Bomb Intergalactic Bath Bomb Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

The first thing I picked up was The Experimenter Bath Bomb, I had seen this all over Instagram for weeks as all my blogging buddies had taken the trip up to Lush Oxford Street and bought this. I was dying to try it, and I have repurchased it 3 times since originally buying it. I am addicted.

The Intergalactic Bath Bomb was another product I had seen all over the internet so when I saw it in the store I think I squealed a little! I used this is my bath the other night and it turned the water the most amazing glittery dark blue. There is a photo of how this looks in the bath on my Instagram, which you can see here.

I used to love the Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb because of all the amazing colours it contained. When they discontinued it and brought it out in a bubble bar form I was a little sceptical because of all the colours mixing together. The Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar is full of colours like the bath bomb, and has exactly the same scent. I haven't used it yet, but I've seen it doesn't turn your bath an amazing colour, it's more of a beige, but can turn out a murky green depending on how much you have of each colour. I'm not so excited to see this in my bath anymore, but I know it smells absolutely amazing so that makes up for it.

Lastly, I saw they'd redesigned the Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar and I am in love with the new colours! They're so vibrant, and as blue is one of my favourite colours to have in a bath, I had to pick one up. I think they're so cute with the little flower on top, I can't wait to crumble this in my bath and see colour the water turns. They also do a pink version with a blue flower, which I may have to pick up next time.

Have you picked up any of the Lush Oxford Street Exclusives yet?

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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Last month I attended the #sotonmeetup, if you haven't read the post about the event you can read it here. All the bloggers walked away with a few goody bags from the event and I just couldn't not share how amazing they were! The bags were supplied by Weleda, and Re:So Southampton jumped in last minute to save the day when the Weleda goody bags got a little full, by providing some of their canvas bags. 

The contents of the bags is so varied, there is a mix of everything, from hair care to iced tea, from polaroid vouchers to olives! I've opened the Virute Iced Tea and it is amazing, I'll definitely be keeping an eye open for that in the future. I can't wait to try everything else in the bags, especially the Bee Good Cleanser and the Benefit Mini's Set! We were all given a code for Cheerz to order some polaroids, which is what I spent one evening last week ordering, I am so excited to receive them! 

I'm sure I will be reviewing a lot of things from this goody bag, if there is anything you'd particularly like to see reviewed, leave it in the comments below!

What brands would you like to see in a meetup goody bag?
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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

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Photo Credit: Sophie
If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you'll know that last month I made my way to another Soton Bloggers event! I've been to two before, and they're definitely my favourite events to go to. I love meeting local bloggers, and seeing all the friends I've made over the past year or so through blogging. The event was held at Revolution Southampton, the area was a good size for all 40 or so bloggers and the brands that attended. I ran into a few of the bloggers attending outside, and we headed upstairs to the Stoli Bar together. 

Photo Credit: Sophie

Photo Credit: Angi
Photo Credit: Angi
Before I started to mingle with the other bloggers there, I grabbed a cocktail, I can't remember what I had but it was very fruity! We were greeted with cakes from Love Cake and ice cream from Judes, I didn't grab a cake as I wasn't feeling anything too sweet, but I have to admit the Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Judes is some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted. That's coming from someone who used to make ice cream so it's pretty incredible to be honest. 

Photo Credit: Sophie

Photo Credit: Angi

Photo Credit: Angi
After catching up with everyone and grabbing a few more cocktails, I explored the venue a bit more and discovered more about Hairfinity, Espa and Out Come The Wolves. Espa were giving skin consultations out so that was my first stop, I know nothing about my skin really so it's nice to be told what kind of products I should be using to help my skin and keep it healthy. Hairfinity had a competition to see who could do the fastest blindfolded hair braid, and with 5 minutes to spare I entered it, and I won! The goody box I won looks incredible and I can't wait to start using everything. 

Photo Credit: Hairfinity 

Photo Credit: Jess

Photo Credit: Jess

The event included an amazing raffle, and we raised £350 for the Epilepsy Society, a charity close to the hearts of many. There were some fab prizes including a polaroid camera, a box of Benefit goodies, a Clinique Skincare set, and many more. I didn't think I was going to win anything, but they pulled out one last prize and I won that, which was two silver tickets for London Fashion Weekend, I am so excited for that. 

Overall I had an amazing day. Thankyou to Alice and Amy for organising, and all the brands that attended the event and participated by providing amazing goody bags. The goody bags were so good that I decided to do a separate post on them to give detail on all the brands that contributed. I met so many new bloggers to add to all the local bloggers I already know. If you're local to Southampton check out the @sotonbloggers twitter page to keep up to date with events.

Have you been to any blog meetups, did you enjoy yourself?
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