Sunday, 9 August 2015


Smashbox are a brand that I was introduced to by the blogging world. Before I started blogging if you'd have mentioned Smashbox to me I probably wouldn't have even know who they were, I wasn't into higher end brands because I could find everything I thought I ever needed on the high street. Blogging has taught me that money isn't everything at all, and the price of something does not determine it's quality, but some higher end makeup is worth the splurge. Smashbox is a brand that I have loved every item of makeup I have tried by them, I'm yet to be disappointed.

My favourite products so far are definitely the primers. I have tried the Photo Finish Primer and the Colour Correcting Photo Finish Primer and then both create a base for makeup to sit flawlessly, and then keep it there all day and way into the night too. Another of my favourites is one of their lipsticks, I recieved a sample of it at a blog event and I am so in love, it's the perfect pink. That's coming from a girl who doesn't wear pink. It's one of the Be Legendary Lipsticks in Posy Pink I cannot get enough of this lipstick; it stays on all day, it isn't drying and it looks amazing on the lips with one swipe. I picked up one of their Halo Long Wear Blushes too, it's a very bright pink which is the only thing I'm not sure on as I suit more coral blushes, but the formulation is great and it lasts all day without a need for a touch up, they're very pigmented so a light hand is definitely key!

There are so many products that I want to try from Smashbox, I spend my life swatching their eyeshadow palettes whenever I pop into Boots. Next up on my list to buy is the Full Exposure Palette, everyone raves about it so I may just have to give in to the hype, the colours are beautiful so that definitely justifies it. Other than that, I would love to pick up one of their foundations, I'm not 100% sure on which one to pick up so I may have to pop in and see what the girls at the counter say, you never know I may come out with more than one.. 

I will forever be repurchasing my Smashbox primers as nothing compares to them at all, I hope that I pick up a foundation I like to match.

What's your favourite Smashbox product?


  1. I haven't tried anything from them before so may have to use this to inspire some purchases! xx

  2. I've only tried Smashbox primers in the past, but this post has persuaded me to give a few other bits and bobs a go!

    lillies and lipbalm

  3. I've never tried anything by Smashbox but I'd love to try their original primer! I've only ever heard good things. I always walk past the Smashbox counter in Boots and think 'I wish I knew more about them' so thanks so much for this post!

  4. Love this post! Let us know if you do get a foundation as well! I absolutely love their eyelash primer!
    Jess xo