Friday, 7 August 2015


Everytime I've ever walked into Superdrug I've probably walked out with one thing from this brand. I Love... were my all time favourite bath brand until I discovered Lush, but that's because of all the pretty bath bombs so can you blame me? I still come to I Love... for all my bubble baths, so when I saw the Mango and Papaya Collection I knew that I wanted it. This scent is absolutely gorgeous, I love mangoes so much, the scent is extremely fresh and fruity. It's a great pick me up in the mornings.

My most used of the set has definitely been the Mango and Papaya Bubble Bath and Shower Creme*, what can I say, I love my baths. This creates a bath full of bubbles which are so creamy on the skin, it makes the water so soft and calming. It also smells absolutely amazing, the scent takes forever to wear off.

The Mango and Papaya Shower Smoothie Scrub* is great for gently exfoliating the skin and getting rid of any horrible rough patches. I am in love with this for when I have shower, it makes my skin so smooth and the little scrubby bits aren't harsh on the skin at all. 

I've been using the Mango and Papaya Body Lotion* when I jump out of the bath or shower especially, to just touch up on the scent a bit whilst moisturising my skin. It's not my favourite lotion, but I love adding to the scent that I've already got instead of mixing it up. It makes skin feel hydrated without feeling sticky at all and it dries very quickly so you're not waiting around ages before you can get dressed.

I am awful at washing my hands, I know that sounds awful, like of course I wash them but I never really throughly wash them as I never have anything at my sink that I like using on my hands so they always just get a quick rinse. This Mango and Papaya Hand Wash* has changed that so much, this leaves hands soft with no drying at all, as I find some hand washes are drying on the skin. 

As I work at a horse yard constantly working with my hands they get pretty rough to be honest, it's quite gross. The Mango and Papaya Hand Lotion* has been my lifesaver, I've popped it in my bag so that everytime I go in my bag I remember to use it and it has worked wonders. It works deep into the skin quickly leaving them feeling silky smooth and smelling like paradise.

There is also a Body Butter and Body Spritzer in the collection that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Have you tried an I Love... collection, if so which one?

*PR Sample sent for review.


  1. Mango & Papaya sounds delicious!! Would definitely love to try these, especially the shower gel

    Kat |

  2. This sounds amazing, I love mango too and anything fruity is win win so I will pick up the scrub and body lotion xx

  3. I would love the try out the scrub as I think they work amazing on my body and leave my legs, especially, feeling silky smooth. I would be in my element at this collection - I am a huge lover of all things mango-scented. Thank you for sharing this with me <3

    Love Charlotte xx

  4. I'm a big fan of this brands, they have so many lovely products in their range. I really like how these smell, definitely a favorite of mine :-)

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

  5. I love this scent too! I have the little body spritz of it in my bag at work, I get so many compliments when I have it on :) xx

  6. Never tried this brand before although I've purchased some of their products to gift people. I love fruit scents in beauty products so I'll make sure to shop for me next time!

  7. ohh.. looking forward to getting at least one of them! the smell must be glorious!

    Vaida @