Monday, 10 August 2015


I admit, this is something I haven't been particularly good at. My blog has been all over the place completely and quite frankly I've wanted to give up so many times due to a lack of motivation and time, but I'm back and I'm sharing the tips that helped me focus on work and my blog equally, without letting either one slack.

  • Always carry a way of taking notes, I find the notes app on my phone great but always transfer everything into my handwritten notes book when I get the chance. I like to see things in my own handwriting, it inspires me to write it more, is that just me?
  • Bulk take photos, even if you don't plan to post something for a few weeks, take photos of it. If there's a slight chance you may review it, or you want to feature it on your blog snap some photos of it, it will save time in the long run
  • Schedule tweets, I know everyone would love to be able to be active on Twitter 24/7 but the reality is it's impossible, there is no harm in scheduling tweets to bring traffic to your blog whilst your offline
  • Do not worry if you have to take a break, it's healthy, it's natural, do not overwork yourself.
  • Bulk write blog posts and schedule them, when you have time to sit down and write a few blog posts do it, don't say you'll write it another day because it never happens and you fall in a hole.
  • Do not force yourself to write something for the sake of getting a post up, it's not worth it.
  • Plan blog posts in advance, make a spreadsheet, jot them down in a diary, planning in advance will stop you from panicking because you know exactly what needs to go up everyday
  • Having a set blogging time/day can help get you into a routine, incorporating it into your everyday life.
  • Try to blog in a different place to where you work if possible, being in an area where you work can have a reverse effect on your motivation, causing blogging to slack, this obviously reserves to work in a different place to where you blog as I know it's so easy to want to check your blog whilst working and then 3 hours have gone by...
  •  If you catch a train or bus to work, try and blog on the go. I catch trains a lot and this is where I get most of my blogging done nowadays as a lot of trains have wifi now which is great!
  • If blogging gets too much, try to reduce the amount of days you post a week, it can really help.
These tips finally got me out of my bloggers block and helped me sort a schedule! I hope they're helpful for you too.


  1. Great post Ami :) I agree that seeing my notes in my own handwriting and in a pretty notebook inspires me much more than it being stuck on the iPhone app! I think once you find the balance between working, blogging etc it all works out nicely in the end.

    alice x // beautybyalicee

  2. Great Tips! I love to bulk blog, bulk photograph, keep on going lists of ideas on my phone and seclude blog posts! x

  3. Great post. I take a lot of pictures in bulk because it's so helpful and you never know when your going to need them.


  4. Great post. I try to schedule as much as possible so I can take a step back from blogging all the time. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  5. I'm so pleased that I've found your post - I'm just writing a post myself on Blogging Vs. Life and these tips are SO helpful. Especially for anyone out there who is feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed in some cases) :)

  6. This has actually helped so much!! So happy I found this blog post! :-)


  7. Love these tips! My number one problem with blogging is trying to balance it with uni. I defs need to learn to take bulk pictures and write a lot of post in advance! x

  8. Great tips! :) I've been struggling to balance work and education with blogging lately, but I'm determined to get on-top of it now :) x

  9. these are brilliant tips! i do really need to work on this myself, tho sometimes i end up knowing what to do, but not doing it. not sure what's wrong with me. i guess lack of inspiration, or so!
    tho i agree about writing things down, and seeing my handwritten notes! same here :}

    thanks for sharing this! <3

    Vaida @

  10. This is so helpful as I'm going back to college soon!

  11. Those are great tips! I try to schedule posts more often but I just can concentrate on writing when under study pressure.

    Momina xx
    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  12. Thank you so much for posting this! I found it really helpful and informative :) XOXO Emma

  13. These are great tips! I've definitely struggled with finding the balance. Over of past couple of months I've tried to get into a routine of posting on a Monday and a Friday which is working (most of the time!) but I try not to get myself down if I miss a day; life goes on!
    Sami | Daisy Daydreams

  14. Great post!
    I have been blogging for over a year now and still feel like I need to create a proper schedule and be more organise but these tips are great and will help me a lot!

    Tayla | Daisychains16

  15. Great post! Needed a bit of this advice seeing as I'm about to go into my last year of University so thank you thank you thank you <3


  16. Fail to plan and plan to fail! Definitely all in the thought process and thinking ahead! X

    "..and baby you're a boat.."-holiday boat trip fun over on-

  17. I really needed this. I'm in this exact boat right now since I now work full time again. Thanks for posting!