Friday, 19 June 2015


Top 5 Mascaras Review Max Factor False Lash Effect Benefit's They're Real Maybelline's Rocket Volume Mascara W7 Souffle Mascara W7 Lashtasic False Liquid Lashes Mascara

Mascara is the one thing that I cannot live without. I haven't worn foundation for nearly 2 weeks, because that would require getting up earlier and I'm actually quite happy with my skin at the moment so I'd rather let me skin breath. I feel naked without mascara though, my eyelashes are so so light it's so annoying. I'm also very fussy when it comes to mascara which doesn't help at all, so I thought I'd show you my top 5 picks.

First up is a mascara I've got very recently actually, I only started using it this week but it's made its way into my top 5 so so quickly! It's the Max Factor False Lash Effect, it has a plastic wand which is huge, meaning that it gives your lashes so much volume. I find it hard to get a mascara that stays on all day and doesn't fade, as my eyes water so much, but this one does the trick. I can see this being a favourite of mine for a long time, this will definitely be repurchased.

Next is my all time favourite, you will have seen me rave about this everywhere all the time, and I always will. It's Benefit's They're Real, although it has a price tag of £19.50 which is a lot more than all the other mascaras in this post, it's definitely worth the money. Ever since I picked up the mini version of this mascara in an Elle Magazine I have repurchased every single time. It has the most perfect wand that picks up all your lashes, even ones you didn't think you had. It makes them so long and it's not clumpy at all. What more could you want?

Maybelline's Rocket Volume Mascara was my holy grail for most of last year, in between the purchases of They're Real, it does exactly the same job as the Benefit alternative and at a better price. It may not be the Benefit version, but it isn't far off at all. 

The next two offerings are by W7, a company I never thought I'd ever try, but they've proved me so wrong. Their mascara game is strong, I have to say. First up is their Souffle Mascara, this is the only mascara I like that doesn't have a plastic wand. Yes they may be a bitch when you poke yourself in the eye with them, but they work with my lashes better than anything, except for this W7 offering! It's a bristle brush, which I can confirm still hurts like a bitch when you poke yourself in the eye, but this wand really opens up my lashes and lengthens them so much. It's converting me into not so much of a bristle wand hater, I think. The packaging is also my favorite colour. It's a win win. Second up is the Lashtasic False Liquid Lashes Mascara, this is very similar to the Max Factor offering I talked about earlier, it's pretty much the same, but obviously a cheaper alternative at under half the price. It can be easy to make this mascara clumpy on the lashes, so you have to be a little careful not to apply too much.

Do you prefer drugstore or high end mascaras? What's your favourite?


  1. I've just started using that max factor mascara and am really impressed with it :) I'm a huge fan of the maybelline ones too, have you tried lash sensational? It's the best one I've ever tried!
    Love Holly x

  2. This is such a great summary of each mascara! I'm working my way through my stash at the moment before they dry out, but I'll definitely head back to this post when I'm after buying another :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. Mascara is an essential for me too as I also have quite light eyelashes. I've heard many good things about the Max Factor mascara, I'll have to try it out soon!

  4. They're Real and The Rocket are two of my favourites too. Ive been loving the Mac one recently its great to give you volume!

    Lovely post hun!

    CharlotteSamantha //

  5. The Rocket Volume is one of my favourites! I also really like Bourjois's 1 Seconde mascara :) x

    Jordan Alice

  6. The Souffle Mascara is one of the best drugstore mascaras I've tried so far! xx


  7. I love Benefit They're Real, even though it's SO pricey I always re-purchase, nothing works better!
    Leah xx

  8. Great post, I think I need to go out and buy a few mascara's haha! My favourites at the moments are Maybelline The Falsies and Benefit Rollerlash xx

  9. I love They're Real mascara, agree it's worth the price tag! My favourite drugstore is L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes; I think I prefer drugstore - most high end mascaras are not worth the money!

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati

  10. Unfortunately, I've never really found the hype with They're Real. I find the brush a little bit too spiky, I prefer Roller Lash much more! Drugstore wise I love the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express it used to be my holy grail back in high school! x

    Toni x

  11. I adore the Maybelline Rocket Volume & W7 Souffle mascaras! I definitley need to repurchase them both (: Even though I adore the higher end mascaras I own, I definitley prefer drugstore mascaras. My favourite at the moment is the No7 midnight lash mascara, it's a little more pricey but it's amazing (: xx

  12. They're Real is great :) I use that all the time. Will have to try the XFactor False Lash Effect mascara next! :)

  13. Love that Max Factor mascara as well! It's brilliant! x

    Jasmine ||

  14. Benefit They're real is one of my faves too, lovely post!

    Alice // Sheer Beautiful // Bloglovin' x

  15. I love the Max Factor False Lash Effect it's my favourite! :)

    Lucy x | Lost In The Lipstick Aisle