Monday, 27 April 2015

Beauty Blog Post Ideas Lacking Motivation Help

You know when you get stuck in that blogging rut with a lack on motivation and you just feel like giving up completely? I have been stuck in that for well over a month, and I wrote a list of blog posts I'd like to create next time this lack of motivation kicks in. It's a horrible situation to be in, so I thought I'd share my ideas with you for when you're stuck, so you can get back to creating content quickly!
  1. Top 5.. e.g lipsticks/foundations
  2. The best of a brand 
  3. Makeup wishlist
  4. Neglected products/Refound love for products
  5. Latest beauty purchases
  6. Favourite makeup brushes
  7. Top 10 under £10
  8. What's in my makeup bag 
  9. Pamper evening products 
  10. High end vs high street
  11. Makeup collection
  12. How to save money whilst shopping
  13. Everyday makeup staples
  14. What I'm loving this week
  15. Makeup Storage
  16. How I apply my... e.g foundation/contour
  17. Monthly favourites
  18. Whats on my nails
  19. Skincare routine
  20. Handbag/makeup bag essentials
  21. Seasonal makeup trends
  22. Makeup tips 
  23. Products not worth the money 
  24. A day in the life of a blogger
  25. Brands worth trying

I hope this post was helpful and stops you lacking motivation!

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Spring Lips

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Spring Lipstick Picks Revlon Lollipop Lip Butter MAC Impassioned L'oreal Cheryls Nude Covergirl Honeyed 258 with Swatches

I've been stuck in a bloggers worst nightmare for quite a while now, none of my posts are inspiring me and my photos just look awful no matter what I do to them. It's just not motivating me to blog at all, but the sun came out a few days ago and I just knew I had to take some blog photos and get back in the game. As it is now officially spring, I thought I'd dig out the products that scream spring to me, and make a little collection of posts, so I'm starting off today with my spring lipsticks.

 Although I love my dark autumn winter lipsticks more than any others, I'm so excited to finally start wearing bright pinks and nudes again. I tend to wear more brown nudes during the darker months, so now is the time to bring out the pinky nudes. 

My first pick of the spring shades is actually the first MAC lipstick I ever owned, MAC's Impassioned. I contemplaterd about getting this lisptick for weeks, and one day I just took a risk and bought it, at first I regretted it so much as I wasn't really a bright lipstick wearer at the time, but now I wouldn't have wished to buy any other shade. It's a shade like no other really, even though I do have a Sleek dupe for it, I find myself using the MAC offering so much more.

 Next up is from the L'oreal Nudes Collection, it's in the shade Cheryl's Nude. I picked this up when they were way too overhyped and I just wasn't really impressed with it at all, but I've revisited it and it's a gorgeous everyday nude with a hint of pink. The formula isn't great and you do have to reapply quite a lot, but it fades evenly so it's not like keeping up with a noticeable colour on your lips.

Covergirl was a brand that I'd never really heard about, but when I received this lipstick in a beauty swap I was so happy to have got it. I got the shade Honeyed 258, the formulation is perfect, it stays on your lips without having to reapply too often. It is a lot more pink than Cheryl's Nude by L'Oreal, but it brings out the colour in my face and doesn't wash me out at all.

My last pick for spring is a Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in the shade Lollipop, it's a gorgeous bright shimmery pink. It's just so easy to apply this shade in a rush or on the go as it can be quite sheer so it fades nicely with no need to reapply as it stains your lips slightly. I definitely think this is a dupe of MAC's Pink Nouveau, as after buying this I started to use the MAC offering less and less and eventually sold it as I preferred the cheaper Revlon offering a lot more. Lip butters are great for spring as they're not harsh looking on the lips, they add subtle colour but also can be built up to give a bolder shade.

My Spring Lipstick Picks Revlon Lollipop Lip Butter MAC Impassioned L'oreal Cheryls Nude Covergirl Honeyed 258 Swatches

What shades are on your lips this spring?

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