Iconic Pro, A Lorac Dupe?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 With Swatches

Makeup Revolution are going to be making quite a few appearances on my blog over the next few weeks, I just love way too many of their products. Today I'm going to be showing you my new favourite palette, the Iconic Pro Palette*. Many say this is a dupe of the Lorac Pro, and although I don't have the Lorac Pro, I was dying to get my hands on it until this palette dropped through my letterbox. 

The first thing I noticed was the packaging, it's black just like any other Makeup Revolution palette, but it's matte black. My favourite thing ever; I will own a matte black car one day. Another new addition to the palette is the new brush! I've always hated those double ended spongy brushes you get with every palette and never use because they're awful. Well this time Makeup Revolution have stepped up their game and included a double-ended synthetic brush; their 'PRO 1989 Double-ended Eyeshadow Brush', it's so fluffy and soft, perfect for applying and blending eyeshadow. Finally saying goodbye to spongy applicators!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 With Swatches

The palette consists of 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades. Every single one is the same creamy formula with high pigmentation and easily blend able. At first I was skeptical about the matte shades, as cheaper palettes can have really chalky matte shades that are just pants, but I was happily surprised by this palette. Having a makeup obsession leads to owning many eyeshadow palettes, but I can't find anything quite like this one in my collection, but it's definitely one I'm glad to have. It's a very versatile palette, you can create anything from a deep dark smokey eye to a light natural barely there look. The lighter side of the palette has definitely been getting a lot of love from me, being my go to palette everyday now, but I can't wait to experiment with the darker, more colourful shades.

Are Makeup Revolution the Queen of Dupes?

Items marked with an * were sent by PR for review purposes, but all views are my own.

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Netflix Tag

Sunday, 15 March 2015


I saw that Alice created this tag and I'm pretty sure someone tagged me but I can't remember who at all. Welcome to my crap memory. Anyway, I thought it would be perfect to do, as I'm kind of a Netflix newbie, but I am 100% obsessed and literally cannot stop watching. It's on 24/7, whatever I'm doing. You can read Alice's post here.

1. What are you favourite series' to watch on Netflix?
I've actually only just got Netflix, but I've finished all seasons of 90210, so I'm just about to move onto Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. 

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?
I haven't started anything yet, due to finishing 90210 and Fresh Meat very recently. I have been watching the odd episode of The Inbetweeners and Outnumbered though.

3. If you could have any series, old or new put on Netflix, what would it be? 
FRIENDS, please tell me this is happening soon? The US have it so why can't we?!

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix?
Not all the seasons of a lot of programmes are on there so I'll get completely hooked onto a cliffhanger ending, pretty annoying.

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?
My bed, candles, and lots and lots of food. Especially Quavers.

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.
Fresh Meat, it's absolutely hilarious, such a good series.

I tag:
Bryony Rose - Perks Of Being Pastel Pink
Hannah - Holabelleza
Kayleigh - Very Berry Cosmo
Charlotte Samantha 

What's your favourite Netflix series/film?

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Blushing Hearts

Friday, 13 March 2015


Makeup Revolution are hitting it out of the park with all their latest releases, I just can't keep up. They launched their Blushing Hearts collection a while ago, but they've now released 6 more shades; 3 blushers, 1 bronzer and 2 highlighters.  I was so excited when these dropped through my letterbox, as they're something I've been dying to try; seeing as they're Too Faced dupes, and everyone loves a good dupe don't they. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and matches the product perfectly. 

All 6 shades have a buttery soft formulation with amazing pigmentation, so a light hand can be key when using these products, especially if you're a pale girl like me. Makeup Revolution never fail to impress. These products retail at £4.99 each, knocking nearly £20 off the Too Faced product, and although I don't own any of the Too Face Blush Hearts, I've seen many reviews say they're an extremely good dupe, and for that price which one would you rather buy?

I received these 6 shades:
Bursting With Love* - A hot pink blush
Peachy Pink Kisses* - A peachy pink toned blush
Hot Summer Of Love* - A shimmery bronzer consisting of a deep bronze, light bronze and gold highlight
Iced Hearts* - A frosty pale pink toned blush
Goddess of Faith* - A pink toned highlighter
Golden Goddess* - A champagne gold toned highlighter

Bursting With Love           Peachy Pink Kisses         Hot Summer Of Love            Iced Hearts             Goddess Of Faith                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Golden Goddess                                                                                                                                                                 Pink blushes aren't my go to very often, but I can see me getting some use out of Peachy Pink Kisses and Iced Hearts during the spring/summer. Bursting with Love is a shade I'll have to gain some confidence to wear, but I'm sure with a light hand and good blending I'll be able to make it work. I cannot wait until the summer comes around, I can tell that Golden Goddess and Hot Summer of Love are going to be used a lot to produce the bronzed dewy look that everyone is dying to achieve in the summer months.

What do you think of all Makeup Revolution's 'dupes'?
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The Latest Beauty Wishlist

Friday, 6 March 2015


I haven't been lusting over products recently much at all, mainly because I didn't have the money at all to even think about looking to buy new things. Recently a few things have been released that I just can't turn away from. I think after not buying for so long I deserve to splash some cash when I get some spare, which is definitely my plan.

Benefit mascaras are my holy grail, and although I find high street alternatives for a fraction of the price, I just can't stop loving my benefit mascaras. So obviously Rollerlash is next on my list, unfortunately I didn't manage to grab a copy of Elle with the sample so I just hope it lives up to all the reviews lately.

I am looking to increase my brush collection as I just don't have enough at all, and when I spotted this new Real Techniques collection I just knew I had to buy it. It's the new Sculpting Set which is released this month, so I can't wait to see it in shops. The set is the perfect contour and highlight set, which I'm rubbish at so I hope these brushes will help.

NARS foundations are always something I can't ever make my mind up to buy. I swatch them in store, read plenty of raving reviews but I never seem to take the plunge to buy them. When they released the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation I spent ages reading reviews like I always do, but I really think this could work for me, I'm gonna pick up a sample and go from there. Watch this space.

Eyeshadow palettes. I have a lot to say the least, but you can never have too many can you? Smashbox always hit it out of the park with their palettes. They always have a perfect mix of shades, that no other company ever matches really. They're unique palettes and they always have something about them that just make them that little bit better. The Double Exposure palette is no exception, these shadows all change when applied wet, it's a palette of endless looks.

Rose gold brushes are know to everyone to come from one company, which is obviously Zoeva, and they've just smashed it with another set of gorgeous rose gold brushes. The pinky nude handles give them a 'feminine chic' look that I've been lusting over. I'm not a pink kind of girl but who could say no to such pretty brushes. I never did buy the original set, and these were released the day after my birthday, is that a sign?

Marc Jacobs have released another version of their Daisy perfume. This time it's a limited edition Sorbet scent, and with bottles that pretty I can't refuse. Marc Jacobs design all their bottles so well, and the perfumes inside always smell beautiful. How do they do it? I don't think there is one Marc Jacobs scent I don't like. I will collect them all one day, hopefully!

What have you been lusting over recently?

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Oops I Bought Lush Again..

Thursday, 5 March 2015


A few weeks ago I turned 17, so I obviously had to do a little bit of birthday shopping didn't I? I popped into Chichester with my boyfriend to buy some jeans, which led to a quick trip to Lush; which he hates because I like to spend hours smelling everything. As my birthday is a week after Valentines Day I was surprised to find they still had some of the Valentines stock in, but this made my day better as I hadn't been able to get my hands on any of it! They didn't have the gorgeous Unicorn Horn which I was dying to get, but they had pretty much everything else.

I didn't want to spend an outrageous amount on Lush, so I kept it to two things. I picked up my all time favourite Lush product, The Comforter, and a Floating Flower. I don't think I could rave about The Comforter anymore than I already do, the smell is absolutely gorgeous and it makes your bath so silky and pretty. It's so worth the price seeing as I usually get at least 4 baths out of it.

I bought the Floating Flower after seeing so many people posting photos of how it looks in the bath, I'm so excited to try it! The colours are so vibrant and it's got a lovely floral jasmine scent. A few reviews have said the scent is a bit overpowering but I couldn't disagree more, it's strong but it's sweet. Perfect combination for me.

Did you love anything from the Lush Valentine's Collection?
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