Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Top Reds

I have been completely useless over the past month when it has come to blogging, but my life has dramatically changed a lot, and I still have no idea what's happening, but that's okay I guess. I am so happy to be back, and hope to be putting up loads of content over the next few weeks to make up for my absence! 

Anyway, recently I've been wearing red lipstick a lot, and when I say a lot it's pretty much been the only shade I've been wearing. I've been switching from my vampy shades into reds, and soon I'll be getting more into pinks and nudes so I wanted to share my top red picks at the moment! 

First up is Julianne's Red by L'Oreal, which I reviewed fully here not so long ago, basically this is such a gorgeous bright but wearable red. It lasts through the day and applies smoothly. Next is my favourite ever red, MAC's Russian Red, which I reviewed here, it's the most perfect red shade and has a matte finish, what more could you want? Also, the staying power is insane, it lasts through everything, I hardly ever have to reapply. Smooch Cosmetics' Devils Darling* is a shade I've only just started wearing, but it's made it's way into my top reds pretty quickly, I'm not sure what I love so much about this shade but I just do. It hasn't got the best formulation and I do find myself having to reapply, but the shade is just so worth it. Lastly is Makeup Revolution's Reckless Lipstick*, although this is actually a burgundy shade, that's still a type of red isn't it? This lipstick has been all over my lips for the past few months, and for £1 I really can't complain, it just ticks all the boxes; staying power, finish, shade.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Reckless*
Smooch Cosmetics Lipstick in Devils Darling*
MAC Russian Red
L'Oreal Julianne's Red

When wearing red lips, or looking for a perfect shade, remember these tips:
  • A blue toned red will make your teeth appear whiter
  • A matte finish lipstick will last a lot longer on your lips, and usually prevent it from slipping around your face, but I'd recommend wearing a lip liner with any red shade to avoid a lipstick on face moment. 
  • There is a perfect shade for everyone, go to a makeup counter and try a few to find a good shade to suit you.

What's your top tip for finding or wearing a red shade?


  1. Need to try Juliannes red in the loreal range I have a couple of the nudes and love the texture and colours ! Great post!

  2. I love a good red lip, it can be so empowering! Love the mac shade, it looks so lovely and sultry.

    little miss fii || Fii x

  3. I love the L'Oreal reds, but opted for Blakes. I do love a MAC red too!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I've been wearing a tonne of red lipstick too lately and my go-to has been MAC Russian Red, I just love it! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  5. I've tried Julianne's Nude before and loved it! After reading your review I will be keeping my eye out for the red as well. Also very helpful tips. I agree, especially for red shades, it is so important to try out a few different lipsticks in person to find the best one for you.


  6. My favorite red lipstick is Red Velvet from the Lime Crime Velvetines collections. You should try :)
    Thank you for this post, so happy to read you again <3

  7. I'm not a regular lipstick wearer, but these shades of red are to die for! Great post!


  8. The MAC one is perfect, i hope of buying it one day:)

  9. MAC Russian red is my favorite red lipstick it is so long lasting :)

    Melissa || www.melissazia.co.uk

  10. The packaging of the L'Oreal one is fab, they always have such lovely packaging!

    Corinne x

  11. The L'Oreal lipstick looks like the perfect red to me!

    Annie | www.drugstoredreamer.blogspot.com

  12. Red lips are so great when you're looking to spice up a very plain jane kind of outfit. Although I could never really pull off the perfect red pout, I still love to try out as many red lipsticks out there. I have yet to try the Makeup Revolution one as well as the Smooch one.

    Great post!

    Abigail | Cheers to Now

  13. Makeup Revolution seem to do no wrong! £1 is a crazy price!

    Bethan, Audacity of Food

  14. Russian Red is my all-time favourite red! Loved your tips. NARS' Cruella is gorgeous too! x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  15. So helpful when you're stuck with what red lipstick to go with, thank you! x


  16. Great tips for findind the perfect red shade. I personally like wearing orangey reds as i think it looks great on blondes :)

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.blogspot.co.uk

  17. Nothing better than a red lipstick :) I love all of these.

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  18. I definitely need to add some more reds to my lipstick collection x


  19. Russian Red is the best red I've ever tried! Well worth the money especially because it makes my teeth look super white :)
    Leah xx


  20. loved this post!! I followed your blog x


  21. This post was so good and i really love the MAC one, if only red lipsticks suited me, haha. I would love if you could check out my blog too, thankyou!



  22. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
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    Diana Cloudlet

  23. Lovely post, definitely going to have to try some out, been dying to try the l'oreal one! I usually like to keep the rest of my face really simple and clean to make the colour pop when wearing red! X