Saturday, 23 August 2014

5 Product Face Tag

Hey guys!
I was tagged by Cristy to do the 5 product face tag, you can see her post here! I've wanted to do this post for a while, to see if I could actually create a look with using only 5 products, and I found it quite easy when I eventually narrowed down the products I had to the products I needed.

5 Product Face Tag featuring Maybelline, MUA, Rimmel and elf

As we're still in the summer season, even though the weather seems to have other ideas, I decided to keep this look very light and natural. 
1. I chose Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation as a base because it is so light and very low coverage, so great for the warmer days when you'd rather not be wearing a lot. 
2. The MUA Undressed Me Too palette, although I feel like this is a cheat item because it's a palette, I only used one of the eyeshadows to create this look so it counts as one, right? I used the third shade down the left for a light shimmer across the eyelid and into the inner corner.
3.  Mascara is something that I can not leave the house without. My eyelashes are blonde so if I don't wear mascara I'm eyelashless and it isn't a great look, it makes me look about 10.
4. For a little flush of colour this Elf Baked Blush is perfect, its in the shade Peachy Cheeky which is a gorgeous peachy shimmery colour, perfect for the summer.
5. I didn't want to add a lip colour to make this a bold look, so I kept it simple with a Baby Lips in the shade Grapevine which just adds a slight purple tint to the lips.

5 Product Face Tag applied makeup

I tag;
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Ami xo


  1. You have chosen some great products.! Lovely post xx

    1. Thankyou for tagging me, it was a fun post to do! xx

  2. MUA's stuff are normally great and that mascara is one of my favourites! Great post. :)

    1. I do love their palettes and this mascara is amazing! Thankyou xx

  3. You look really gorgeous, a lovely nude/natural look xxx