Sunday, 20 July 2014

School Life and Prom

Although school wasn't the best time for me at all, I hated it, prom was something I was looking forward to even if it is a lot of effort for one night. I think it's such a different evening for everyone, you see everyone out of what they'd normally wear and to be honest everyone scrubbed up pretty well. It's amazing how different people can look out of a school uniform and how their personality can change with it too, I spoke to people that I never got on with at all in school but it was nice to leave with no negative feelings about people at all. 

 As I said, school wasn't a great time for me, but the people in the photos are the main reasons I went to school. I didn't get photos with everyone because it was hard to get everyone together at one time, but these are just a few. The girls mean everything to me, they never fail to make me laugh and whatever's going on in life I can count on them to make it better, and I''ll miss them when we go to different colleges but that's something everyone has to deal with.

The major thing at school is you can't have a boy best friend, it happens everywhere, people seem to think that boys and girls can't just be friends, but they can. Yes, one of my bestfriends is a boy, problem? They're so much easier to get on with, there's no bitchiness at all and it's great. I literally go to him about everything and anything and I wouldn't change it. I talk to him about things that I couldn't talk to girls about, like rugby and football, and music, he's introduced me to music that I now love which is why we're such great friends. I would say I'd miss him, but he has to put up with me for another two years at college! yay! 

Prom is something I'd love to do all over again but I'm also glad it's over! It was a lot of stress and planning just for one night, but it was a great night!

Ami xo


  1. Lovely post Ami! Looks like you had a lovely Prom night. One of my best friends is male too - just proves can just be friends with 'no funny business'. Helen xx (

    1. It was lovely :) yeah some people get so funny about boys and girls being best friends, I don't really see why! x

  2. You look beautiful hunni. xx

  3. I just had my prom too :) you look lovely in your dress xo

  4. That car is pretty amazing, looks like something out of Grease! You all look lovely, here's to a new chapter for you at college! Amy

  5. Aww you all look so lovely!
    I remember my school prom (which was 11 years ago now! Eep!) and I loved getting dressed up for it.
    And I really don't know why there is such a huge problem with girls having boys who are best friends, I had quite a few back then at school and I still have quite a few now! I love having girly times with my girlfriends but I also love just chilling out with a pizza and a few beers and watching some football with my best boyfriends. And my best male friend in the whole world is my fiancé!
    All the best with your journey from school to college, they really are the best years of your life!

    Lots of love -
    Brogan Jay xx

  6. I'm glad you had a great time at prom! My prom was okay, it wasn't the best night of my life but it was still fun to do something so different like dress up in a long pretty dress I wouldn't normally wear :)


  7. Love your dress and the pink car is such a cute idea!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  8. You look stunning, that dress is beautiful!!
    I can definitely relate in the fact of school not being enjoyable, mine was so bad I didn't even go to Prom haha.
    I'm glad you went and had a good time :)

    Best wishes, Danielle x

  9. You all look so lovely:-) x

  10. you look amazing! beautiful dress

    from helen at

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  11. Your dress is stunning. I can relate with the whole school thing.. I didn't go to my Year 11 prom but I did go to my sixth formers one. I didn't particularly enjoy school, but like you, there was a group of people for me who made it bearable. :) Glad you had a great time.

  12. Aww you look so beautiful Ami! :) Your dress is so stunning. I didn't enjoy school either, I ended up not going to my prom as I had not been in school since the beginning of year 10 due to illness. I went to a festival backstage after my last exam though and that was kind of my little celebration. I hope you had a fab time hun. Are you going to college or are you working now? I know how you feel about the boy/friend situation too, people can be so judgemental! It's so annoying when they try and make out you're in love when really you're just best friends.

    Sarah x

  13. So cute! I missed out on my school prom due to a falling out with a lot of people at the end of year 11 so I really didn't feel like going! I know what it's like to hate school but at least the hardest parts are over! I stayed on for sixth form and it tends to be a lot more relaxed! Just make the most of it whilst it lasts :)

    Hannah xo