Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Grafea Galore

Grafea bags are a girl's best friend, just look at them, they're truly beautiful! I've been lusting over these bags for the past couple of weeks and if I could afford it I'd buy them all.
If you haven't seen these beauties before, where have you been, under a rock?  They're the most perfect accessory going at the moment and there's so much I'd do to get my hands on one! 
If anyone would like to donate me a Grafea bag... I'm kidding, treat yourself to one! 
I am determined to buy one of these bags this year and when I do I will use it daily and never put it down! Have you fallen head over heels in love with these bags yet? If not check them out and you will, which may not be so good for your bank balance but they're so worth it!

Ami x


  1. WOW! These are gorgeous, I am in LOVE xxx

  2. Apparently I am the one under the rock as I''d not heard of these before but I really like them - especially the green!

    Nicola //

  3. I really want to like rucksacks I just don't think they suit me! These are so cute though! I love the pastel colours though. Danielle xx

  4. i love the yellow one! I am getting into rucksacks at the minute especially with road trips and whatnot in the summer!

  5. These are just the cutest!

  6. Oh my god, I love these - the colours are so pretty!!:)

    Tereza // Cityscape Bliss // Top 5 tricks on how to keep your make-up on whole day

  7. These are SO gorgeous, definitely on my wishlist now! :) xx