Monday, 19 May 2014

Missguided Wishlist

Missguided are on top form with their clothing this season! I want everything I swear, but these are just a few of my favourite items!
I am in love with the co-ords are the moment, especially these two from Missguided! I've never really had the confidence to wear something like this, I just never thought it would suit me, but these two are so simple and easy to style! I will definitely be buying these for summer, and white makes you look more tanned than you are too which is a massive bonus because I'm always pale!
The playsuit is another simple piece which I think is so so pretty! I love the detailing in the middle!
Bralets seem to be out in force this year, and there's so many I want! These two stuck out to me though, mint is one of my favourite colours and it is so nice to wear it in the spring/summer! The other one is a neon coloured one, and neon is so in fashion right now that I can't wait to fill my wardrobe with neon clothing which is something I'd never normally do! 
The neon playsuit is a piece that I think is just so bold and bright which is perfect for the summer season! I will be purchasing this ASAP!! It needs to be in my possession so I can wear it all the time! 
The last piece is another neon item, I really am loving this trend which is strange because my wardrobe is so monochrome! I think this shirt will be perfect for cooler days/evenings, just a simple piece to throw on top of a white cami to add colour to an outfit and keep you warm but not boiling hot! 

Ami xo


  1. You've picked out some lovely items ��

    1. thankyou! just need the money to buy them now!

  2. you have a lovely blog! Followed:) Please follow back x

  3. Some really nice choices from Missguided! Love it :)

  4. Missguided have some gorgeous summer clothes this year! I love that neon orange and white two piece! I recently picked up their neon tropical stroppy bralet and i love it!

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  5. Oooooh I agree with so many of these! I've now had to add a good 3 or 4 of these to my own wish list!

    Thanks for sending over your blog link over Twitter, your blog looks great!
    Jenn | PhotoJennic