Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

Hey guys!
First of all, I'm sorry for not posting in forever, exams are taking over my life! I should hopefully be posting frequently from now on which is fab because I've missed blogging!
I recently splashed out on a new lipstick for spring/summer, at the time I was feeling pretty miserable and I was looking for something to brighten my mood and really get my summer vibes on! As I was browsing the MAC stand this lipstick caught my eye almost immediately! It's exactly what I was looking for!

MAC's Impassioned is a gorgeous bright fuchsia colour! I'm never usually a bright lipstick person but this summer I decided I needed to jump out of my comfort zone and I'm so glad I did! This lipstick makes me feel so bold whenever I wear it, it's become a regular piece in my everyday makeup routine and over the summer I'll be getting a lot of use out of this shade!
This lipstick is the perfect texture, it glides on the lips smoothly and stays there for hours without needing to reapply! I only have to touch up after eating/drinking usually, which is amazing staying power for a lipstick of this bright colour! Lipsticks I've had in the past faded after about 10 minutes of wearing them, but this lipstick truly does stick around for a while! I'm so happy with this purchase and it's made me a lot more confident this summer! Maybe a lipstick can truly change your life eh?!

What's your favourite summer lipstick?
Ami xo 

(p.s this is the first time I've posted a photo of myself on my blog, bad comments will be deleted!)


  1. I've been looking for a bright shade like this, you look lovely :)

  2. This lipstick has to be up there as an all time favourite. I love love love it! Such a gorgeous flattering striking colour. It's looks incredible on you especially with your lil' cat eye flicks! Don't be shy about posting pics on your blog, there's no need, you look great :)
    Love Kate xx

    1. thankyou for such a sweet comment!!:) the lipstick is fab for summer!

  3. That looks so pretty on you, such a lovely colour! Adele x

  4. Love it! It looks gorgeous on you!! xx

  5. That's such a pretty shade! It suits you perfectly!

    Amanda @

  6. Gorgeous shade and it looks great on you. My favourite summer lipsticks are the maybelline vivid color sensationals
    Beth x

  7. This is such a beautiful colour! definitely on my list of mac buys, thanks

    Asia x .uk