Friday, 14 February 2014

Birthday Beauty Wish List

16th Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys! 
With my 16th birthday just around the corner, I decided to make a wishlist of all the high end beauty products I'd love to get for my birthday, and hopefully buy in the near future! My parents and family take no interest in makeup and they think it's pointless, so I usually get money from everyone. This is great for my spending addiction, even though some people think it's thoughtless, but oh well! It's how my family work!

To start my wishlist off, is a beautiful YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in the shade Coral Intuitive, this is a shade I've seen plastered all over the beauty blogging world, and the swatches show the true beauty of this lipstick. YSL is a brand I've always wanted to try, their significant gold packaging is the most beautiful packaging and one of my favourites along with Chanel and Tom Ford. Packaging is a big factor into whether I buy a product or not, and YSL has definitely won my heart over just by their packaging. I also hope to own a YSL lipstick in a deep red or purple shade, any suggestions? 
To the right of the YSL Lipstick, is the In The Light Palette by Stila and I've been lusting over this palette for a few weeks now, and I think it's finally time to buy it. The shades all look so wearable and after doing some research and looking at swatches I can see this palette slotting nicely into my everyday routine, along with the Naked 3 Palette which is the next thing on my list!
The Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay is the thing everyone has been wanting since it was ever announced, and I'm probably at the top of the list! Nobody will ever understand how much I love rose gold, so they packaging is absolutely perfect, not even mentioning the eyeshadows! They're such wearble colours that I hope will suit my skin tone perfectly because I'm so pale and pinky colours give me a bit of a flushed look which I love! Urban Decay will always be one of my favourite brands, and I am determined to venture out of my 'drugstore comfort zone' to try more of their products. That is my goal for 2014!
If you've read one of my first blog posts about MAC lipsticks, you'll know that Rebel by MAC is literally top of my list for lipsticks, this will be the next lipstick I buy without a doubt, and then I'll probably find that it doesn't suit me so I'll just have to sit and stare at it. Don't lie girls, we've all done it haven't we? I think Rebel is that bold colour I need to take me out of my comfort zone of nudes that wash me out! I feel like I need to embrace my paleness and go gothic, well not quite gothic I guess, just a little bit more bold. I'm definitely experimenting more this year, and Rebel will be the start of a new me.
The next two items are both from NARS and they're both lip pencils! I've heard wonderful things about these pencils, and I've not heard them bad mouthed at all, so they must be good, right? The pencil on the left is a Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Damned, as you can probably tell, I'm really trying to get into the bolder shades, and this shade is amazing! It's like a pink purple and red all in one, it's the perfect mix. Maybe a raspberry shade with a hint of purple? I will definitely be buying this shade, no questions asked. The one on the right is a Satin Lip Pencil in the shade Never Say Never, this looks like a gorgeous raspberry type shade which is a shade that I have seen so many times, but they all look the same, while this one has something different about it. It's a bit of a deeper colour and  I really like that! The packaging is also simplistic which I love!
The last thing on my wish list is also from NARS, it's the Sheer Glow Foundation, I can't give you a shade because I haven't been to NARS to swatch yet! I've heard lots of good things and lots of bad things about this foundation, so I'm quite skeptical about buying it. It would burn a huge whole in a pocket, and if I was to not like it, it would just sit there. Therefore, I am going more towards buying it than not, but I'm not quite there yet! What are your opinions on this foundation? Should I buy or is it a waste of money?

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! 
Ami xo


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  2. I have the naked 3 on my birthday wish list too!

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  3. Such pretty products, I hope you will have a great birthday! x

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