Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Online Haul - (Stephanieverafter, Sighh Designs, Vaudou)

Hi guys! I recently decided to treat myself to a few items I've had my eye for a while! I only bought them yesterday and today so I don't have them to take my own photos! I just couldn't wait to show you guys these amazing items so I thought I'd do an overall haul now and post about them separately when I receive them!

In the top left corner is two gorgeous flower crowns from Vaudou Jewellery and Accesories! Their website is www.vaudou.co.uk and I totally recommend you go and check out their jewellery and flower crowns! They're so beautiful! I bought the Peach Basic Flower Crown and the Velvet Cream Flower Crown! I think the Basic Flower Crown is what the name says it is, it's plain and simple but adds something to every outfit you can fit it in to! The Velvet Flower Crown is something different, it's a really unique piece and I've never seen anything like it, I love the effect on it, and the two colour flowers are so pretty! I can't wait to receive this pieces because I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot!

In the top right corner is some stunning Glitter Bows from Stephanieverafter! A link to her website is www.stephanieverafter.com and again I really recommend you check out her site! Steph makes a variety of different hair accessories, these range from flower crowns to bun toppers to glitter bows and much more! These pieces are designed so well and lovingly handmade! I can't wait to recieve my bows! I bought 4 in different colours, these colours are; Ruby Who, which is a bold red (it's the red in the photo), In The Navy, which is a really dark blue colour!, Petrol Rainbow which is a gorgeous dark black bow with gorgeous rainbow glitter pieces on it, like a petrol/oil spill! The last bow I bought is Mermaid Ocean, which is a lovely bright and vibrant blue colour! They're all lovely colours, and I'm sure you'll find one just for you as there is a choice of 30! I found it so hard to choose! The pastel colours are absolutely amazing, I just think the darker colours are better for me!

The bottom two photos are from Sighh Designs! A link to their website is http://sighh.bigcartel.com/ and this is a third website I really think you should check out! Polly designs phone cases and pocket mirrors, and guess what? She's draws them all herself! It's insane how amazing they are! If you haven't seen them hop over to her site now and fall in love! Anyway, back to what I bought! I bought 5 pocket mirrors! You're probably thinking 5, seriously, how many pockets do you have?! Okay, I know 5 is a lot but I couldn't chose which ones I wanted so I narrowed it down to 5! I bought the whole OOPS collection, which is the left picture! It consists of 4 mirrors saying; LIPSTICK ON TEETH SYNDROME , my nose is shiny fgs, do I have something in my TEETH? and please god don''t let it be a bogey! This collection is so easy to relate to, I find myself saying these things in my head so much! I can't wait to have them! The 5th mirror I bought was one Polly had designed a while ago, it's a simple oh bollocks mirror, this is brilliant because this is what I generally think when I see what I look like in the mirror so it was a must have buy!

I hope this has influenced you to check out their stores and maybe buy something because all their products are so perfect and you'd be missing out otherwise!
Look out for later posts where I'll review these products in more detail and take my own photos for you!
Happy shopping hopefully!!
Photo Credit; (top left; @vaudoujewellery instagram) (top right; @stephanieveraftercrowns instagram) (bottom two; @pollyvdsz instagram)

Ami xo


  1. The floral crowns look lovely, I've been after some for ages (: Will definitely check that website out (: xx

  2. I love those pocket mirrors, they look fab!

    Corinne x

  3. I love the pocket mirrors, I've seen a few people posting about them and they're so cool! I love products like that which are relateable and just say what everyone else is thinking - it's something that individual sellers seem to do better than the highstreet. Thankyou for sending me your link on Twitter!

    Lizi (GlassesGirl3) xx

  4. The floral crowns and the glitter bows are amazing:3
    Mary x