Tuesday, 14 January 2014

MUA Lipstick Review

Hi guys!
I've been really ill so I haven't posted much! Today I'm talking to you about two MUA lipsticks that I've had for a while! I wasn't really a lipstick wearer until a couple of months ago but I bought these in the summer last year I think! (a long time ago I know!) They were the first ever lipsticks I'd bought and I didn't want to buy anything expensive in case I really didn't like lipstick! At first, I didn't wear them that much at all and wasn't a fan but now I've started using them again I really like them!

I bought the shades 13 and 16! I'm amazed at the quality of these lipsticks for the price of just £1! They're highly pigmented, they feel so soft going onto the lips and leave a flawless finish! They have a great staying power too! I bought these lipsticks with low expectations and I was truly shocked! I will definitely be purchasing more from the lipstick range at MUA!
The colour on the left of this photo is shade 16; its a gorgeous coral-peach colour, it has an orangey undertone too! When I first bought this, I went to a festival the weekend after and I wore this non stop! I only had to re-apply it during the evening and sometimes after eating/drinking depending on what it was! It's a shade I think I'll be reaching for more in the summer as peachy shades wash me out so much in the winter!
The colour on the right is shade 13; it's a bright bright red, and that's the only way to describe it really! It applies really well on the lips, no staining and no stickiness! What more do you want out of a lipstick? I reach for this lipstick on my daring days, which seems to be a lot lately! This is definitely more of a summer colour to me too, even though I've been wearing it a lot lately! I prefer to be dark and vampy in the winter, release my inner goth!!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost!
As this is my first review, your comments and feedback would be great!

Ami xo


  1. Wow, they're such gorgeous colours, I really love your blog by the way it's so nice��

  2. are the MUA ones any good? I'm getting some new make up at the weekend and need lipstick ideas. I don't feel confident enough to wear it all the time so I don't want anything too expensive
    have followed you :) xo


  3. I recently bought a couple of tis! MUA is so good and cheap! x

  4. I love the makeup brand MUA. Their lipstick is amazing.

  5. I am a huge fan of the MUA lipsticks especially the bright red! The matte ones are awful though


  6. Did you know you can take the bottom bit off? Where it shows the lipstick's colour It was such a surprise when i found out! :) x

  7. Congratulations on your first review, you did well :)
    ~Pauline @ NYX Philippines