Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Boxing Day Lush Haul!

Hi guys! After seeing hundreds of Instagram posts of things from Lush throughout the year, I was always debating on trying something and when I saw their Boxing Day Sale I took the plunge and bought a few things! I also made the mistake of putting everything I wanted in my basket and leaving it for a while to make sure I really wanted it, and when I came back half of it was gone! I was unable to buy lots of the Christmas items that I wanted but I still managed to spend £30 of my Christmas money; result seeing as most of it was half price!

I now think I have enough Lush to last me a little while! I'm not sure where to start haha, if you have any recommendations of what to try first please leave it in the comments below as I'm completely clueless!
I'll be talking about these from left to right!
Far Left; Rose Jam Shower Gel; if you don't know what shower gel is then you are living under a rock! This shower gel smells like roses; obviously! It is a strong floral scent which I'm not too keen on, but I couldn't get Snow Fairy as it was sold out and this was half price so I thought why not!
I''ve just realised going left to right is hard as they aren't in a line! So I'll describe where they are too!
Top next to Rose Jam; Big Blue Bath Ballistic; this is a bath bomb created to be like the ocean! It's full of salt which is incredibly good for your skin! I bought this in the Mr Frosty Set, which included two other products, this was also half price at around £6 for 3 products so I had to buy it! After I bought it I found out this product has seaweed in it, ew. I'm now scared to use this bath bomb as I hate seaweed so much!!
Below Big Blue; Ickle Baby Bot; this is another bath bomb! I bought this because it's so so cute and it was really cheap too! It's a bath bomb for children so is full of gentle ingredients, and it's full of lavender oil so this is perfect after a stressful day!
Next to Big Blue; So White Bath Ballistic; if you can't tell which one this is, it's the completely white one, which you should be able to tell by the name! It['s a plain white round bath bomb that doesn't look very special, but it smells absolutely gorgeous! I can't describe the smell but I know I''m going to enjoy pampering myself with this bath bomb! It's also half price so I might as well try it!
Below So White; Snowman Bath Bomb; This smells gorgeous, it has a vanilla scent and it's full of cocoa butter which are two of my favourite things! I can't wait to use this because my skin is in need of some luxury, although some people have said it feels really greasy which isn't very nice at all! I'll just have to wait and see! It was also half price!
Next to So White; Twilight Bath Bomb; I bought this because of how pretty it looks on the website! It's forms a gorgeous pink and blue layer on the top of your bath and I seriously can't wait to use this! I'm saving this for a stressful day as it's full of lavender which I find so calming and it helps me sleep so much! It's also got moons and stars on it which I think is so pretty!
Below and Next to Twilight; Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb; This is such a colourful bath bomb so I'm assuming it's going to make my bath really pretty colours so I can't wait! It smells delicious! I bought two of these because it's so colourful and I love colourful baths, they were half price too so it was a great deal! It also reminds me of the night sky so I'm hoping there may be some glitter in it to represent the stars!
Below Shoot For The Stars and Twilight; Creamy Candy Bubble Bar; I'd never even heard of a bubble bar before I'd heard of Lush so I'm fascinated by it! I love bubble baths so I can't wait to use this! It's pink with a red flower on the top which I think is gorgeous, and it smells divine; just like candy floss! It is another product that contains cocoa butter so I'm dying to use this soon!
To The Right of Twilight, and below Shoot For The Stars; Bombardino; if you haven't worked out which one this is, it's the little white and orange/yellow one with the two eyes! This is such a cute little bath bomb, I was drawn to it because of the little eyes, and because it was half price! How could I say no to buying this cute little fella!? It smells like a gingery lemon sort of scent which is quite citrusy! It is another one that claims to have cocoa butter in! I'm obsessed! I can't wait to use this one, why is it a Christmas limited edition?
Right of Bombardino; Cinders Bath Bomb; this is another product I got in the Mr Frosty set! This reminds me of the smell of an open fire, and it contains popping candy which I guess is meant to represent the crackling of a fire! It smells a lot like oranges too, I'm not sure if that's just me? I've been told it turns your bath yellow which looks like someones peed in it, which I'm now not looking forward to!
Below Cinders; The Melting Snowman Bath Melt; this little guy is smells amazing! It's got real chocolate on it which just makes this bath melt 1000 times better! I'm not entirely sure how to use bath melts so I'll have to do some research, but I'm guessing they just melt in your bath? This cute bath melt is full of moisturizing butter so I''m expecting my skin to be super soft after using this! It has eyes, a nose and 3 buttons like a snowman, I don't want to ruin it, it's so gorgeous!!
Next to Cinders and The Melting Snowman Bath Melt; Golden Wonder Bath Bomb; this is just like a massive present! It's so sparkly and after taking this photo there was a patch of gold sparkles on my bed! If you shake it, there's something inside it; just like a present! I'm so so excited to use this and see what's in the middle! On the website it says; "This bath bomb is like a pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer." I can't wait to see what colours this turns my bath! This is another one that I think smells like oranges! I love the citrus smell too so this is a great one for me I think!
Bottom below Ickle Baby Bot; Mini Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar; this is the third product I got in the Mr Frosty set! It's like a blue version of The Comforter! It smells more of an earthy and less sweet smell though, I think this is a man version of The Comforter kind of? But it's unisex? I don't know what I'm talking about really! I'm not sure if I like the smell as I do tend to like more sweet smells and this smells spicy like Cinnamon which I hate! 
Next to Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar; The Comforter; this product is raved about by everyone and their mothers! If you haven't heard of this then you need to get your bum down to a Lush store and get it! I haven't tried it yet but it smells amazing! It's the best smelling Lush product I have, it's so sweet and pink! I love the colours and it's huge! I can see me getting 3-4 baths out of this, so for the price this is so good! The smell makes me think of fairies and all things girly! This is definitely going to be a product I repurchase quite a lot and I haven't even used it yet!

I hope you enjoyed my Lush Haul! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 
(I'd also like to apologise for the quality of these photos!)

Whats your favourite Lush product? 
I need to try more so if you could tell me in the comments it would be fab!

Ami xo


  1. Lovely review Ami! Really helpful and informative! I haven't tried anything from lush myself, but I may be tempted after reading this!


  2. Great review, Lush smells so good! Which one is the big pink/white swirl one at the front? and you should also try Happy Hippy shower gel and the lip scrubs! x
    Follow for follow?

  3. Looks like you got some wonderful things! I love the rose jam shower gel it smells incredible! Great blog hun, thanks for the link I'm now following! x